Taking Responsibility: The Mauser Packaging Solutions Code of Conduct

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Renewing our Commitment to the Code of Conduct Our company, and each of the businesses that came together to form Mauser Packaging Solutions, have earned solid reputations throughout our history by developing, building and delivering great products and services, and by acting according to the highest ethical standards. Our reputation – one of Mauser Packaging Solutions’ greatest assets – depends …

Resources for Establishing a Consistent Mauser Packaging Solutions Brand Identity

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In his audio message last week, President and CEO, Mark Burgess conveyed a priority for all employees to support our enterprise brand and the common interest of Mauser Packaging Solutions. A strong, consistent brand identity is one important aspect of establishing the Mauser Packaging Solutions culture. By consistently using the Mauser Packaging Solutions brand we reinforce our ‘One Company’ identity …

Mauser Packaging Solutions Introduces KORTRAX® Barrier Tight-Head Container

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The safe and environmentally friendly alternative to fluorinationMauser Packaging Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the KORTRAX® barrier tight-head container, an exciting addition to its successful line of tight-head containers. The KORTRAX® barrier tight-head container is designed to safely transport hazardous solvent-based products that are traditionally difficult to contain. This includes products such as household chemicals, industrial and …

Message from Mark Burgess (Audio) – 2021 Priorities and Call to Action

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Listen to Mark Burgess, President and CEO of Mauser Packaging Solutions, speaking about the Company’s most urgent priorities and his expectations for 2021.

ICYMI: Mauser Packaging Solutions Sutainability Report

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When Mauser Packaging Solutions was formed in 2018, the company identified four cornerstones of sustainability as the foundation of our business – Commitment, Innovation, Excellence and Passion. These cornerstones begin to tell the story of who we are and present tremendous opportunities to create shared success with our customers, employees, communities and shareholders. In early 2020, we began taking the …

Virgin Pulse: It’s your time to thrive

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Let Virgin Pulse help you make the most of your health and wellness goals in 2021! The Virgin Pulse program encourages North American benefit eligible participants enrolled in the Company’s medical plan to become, or stay, engaged in their own health. This Mauser Packaging Solutions’ sponsored well-being program is voluntary and confidential providing you with the tools to get active, …

Mauser Packaging Solutions Awards Lifetime Achievement Award to Jerry Butler

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Jerry Butler, previously COO of ICS and Project Manager in the Industrial Solutions business unit, is formally retiring after more than 50 years in the reconditioning industry. In December 2020, Dave Vergo, Industrial Solutions President, presented Butler with a lifetime achievement award in recognition of his significant and careerlong contributions to the reconditioning industry. “Jerry has been a significant mentor …

Infinity IBC Receives WorldStar Packaging Award

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We are excited to announce that Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Infinity Series IBC has been selected as a winner in the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021. The WorldStar Packaging Awards, organized by the World Packaging Organization (WPO), recognizes packages demonstrating innovation and outstanding design. The 2021 winners were selected by representatives from 33 packaging associations and members of WPO who judged 345 …

Safety 2021: Elevate Your Standards

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At Mauser Packaging Solutions, you—our dedicated employees—are our biggest asset, and it is our responsibility to ensure that you go home to your family and loved ones safe and healthy every day. Safety is a cooperative undertaking requiring an ever-present safety consciousness on the part of every employee. Only through cooperative efforts, can a safety culture that is in the …

Renewing Our Commitment to Safety

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At Mauser Packaging Solutions, our dedicated workers are our biggest asset. It is our ethical responsibility to ensure that each employee goes home safe and unharmed, every day. As our CEO, Mark Burgess, communicated earlier this week in his 2021 kick off message, we are issuing a revised a Global Health and Safety Policy that outlines the Company’s commitment to …