Taking Responsibility: The Mauser Packaging Solutions Code of Conduct

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Renewing our Commitment to the Code of Conduct

Our company, and each of the businesses that came together to form Mauser Packaging Solutions, have earned solid reputations throughout our history by developing, building and delivering great products and services, and by acting according to the highest ethical standards. Our reputation – one of Mauser Packaging Solutions’ greatest assets – depends on the conduct and actions of our employees, every day.

The value of our business rests, in large measure, on our worldwide reputation for integrity and high standards of business conduct. For this reason, our efforts to achieve competitive excellence must begin and end with a firm commitment to ethical conduct.

The Mauser Packaging Solutions Code of Conduct and Business Ethics should serve as a daily reminder of the standards that are expected of all employees and a guide for how we make decisions in line with our commitment to ethical conduct. The Code does not provide specific instructions for every situation but establishes guidelines, which we can refer to in situations where the proper course of conduct may not seem clear. We know our business environment can be challenging and questions will inevitably arise.

As an employee of Mauser Packaging Solutions, please refer to the Code, its supporting policies and the other resources listed in them, to assist you in making informed business decisions. The Code Summary and the Code in its entirety is available via https://www.mauserpackaging.com/en/Legal

Beginning in 2020, annual Code of Conduct training is required of all company employees to help guide you in understand the Code. The 2021 on-line training course will be announced in the second half of the year. As part of such training, employees are required to acknowledge they have read and understood the Code.

For questions concerning the Code, please contact:

Patrick Sheller
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Office: + 630-203-8052
Email: patrick.sheller@mauserpackaging.com

Dr. Martin Seiling
General Counsel - International Packaging
Office + 49 2232 781025
Email: martin.seiling@mauserpackaging.com