2021 Mauser Packaging Solutions Code of Conduct Training

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The value of our business rests, in large measure, on our worldwide reputation for integrity and high standards of business conduct. For this reason, our efforts to achieve competitive excellence must begin and end with a firm commitment to ethical conduct. In August, employees with Company computer access will receive an email with instructions to register for the Mauser Packaging …

Cedar City Launches In-Mold Labeling for 5 Gallon Round Pails

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In June, the Cedar City, Utah Small Packaging facility began producing 5-gallon 12” round pails using In-Mold Labeling (IML). The initial run of pails for Kikkoman marks the first time Mauser Packaging Solutions has used IML for 12” commercial 5-gallon pails. IML has long been used in other facilities to generally produce consumer containers but is a new technology for …

Intern Insights: Takeaways from our 2021 Summer Interns

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Interns play a vital role in what we do here at Mauser Packaging Solutions. As the summer months progress, our interns dive deep into manufacturing bringing their knowledge, personality, and passion to the company. Before our interns leave Mauser Packaging Solutions, we ask them to tell us about their experiences so that we can build on successes and improve upon …

Response to Western Europe Floods

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Devastating floods in western Europe have severely impacted many people, including some of our colleagues. The company and many team members continue to support affected employees and local communities by donating Intermediate Bulk Containers to the German Army to help provide safe drinking water to people in the region. Additionally, the company is supporting impacted employees through the procurement of …

Message from Mark Burgess (Audio) – July 2021

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2020 has come and gone, but the lingering effects of the pandemic and economic downturn continue, combined with the always present pressure to manage costs, quality, and productivity. Even as demand returns, supply chains balance out, and operations return to previous throughput levels, we are faced with the continued challenge of increased costs and lowered productivity levels.

2021 Safety Month in Review

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The safety of our employees is always the number one priority at Mauser Packaging Solutions but during our annual Safety Month a special emphasis is placed on safety training and recognizing employees for engaging in safe workplace behavior. For Safety Month 2021, facilities in North America introduced the principles of 5S as a proactive method for improving workplace safety through …

Optimizing Transportation and Logistics

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The Mauser Packaging Solutions transportation fleet is a key piece of our commitment to providing full life cycle packaging solutions to our customers. In addition to delivering products to our customers and moving raw materials and components within the network, our collection program is an essential part of responsibly extending the life cycle of packaging. Through the industry’s largest global …

Bi-annual Safety Highlights and Records

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At Mauser Packaging Solutions, our dedicated workers are our biggest asset. It is our ethical responsibility to ensure that each employee goes home safe and unharmed, every day. Our facilities continually work to implement and improve safety measures and ensure employees have a safe work environment. Achieving safety milestones requires an ever–present consciousness on the part of every employee and …

DrumGuard® Case Study: How Evonik used DrumGuard to Safely Secure Cargo, Improve Loading Times, and Reduce Waste

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Overview At specialty chemicals company Evonik, safety is the top priority. In 2019, the Logistics Safety team at Evonik began evaluating alternatives to their current load securing system for drums. They transitioned to the reusable DrumGuard® system which can be installed 90% faster than conventional methods without the need for special equipment. Evonik realized immediate benefits, while meeting the highest safety standards. …

Keys to Sustaining 5S

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As we conclude Mauser Packaging Solutions’ 2021 Safety Month, we acknowledge that our commitment to safety is bigger than a one-month recognition event. Safety is a year-round cooperative undertaking requiring an ever-present safety consciousness on the part of every employee. Likewise, implementation of the 5S system must extend beyond the initial training and activities conducted this month to make an …