Consumer Packaging that Stands Out – Introducing the New 1-Piece Consumer Pack

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At Mauser Packaging Solutions, we understand that packaging isn’t only a means to consumption, it’s part of the brand experience. That’s why we’re excited to expand our line of consumer-focused packaging with the 1-Piece Consumer Pack. The 1-Piece Consumer Pack is ideal for use in industries such as home care, candy and confection, pool care, and food products. Whether it’s …

South Africa Facilities Recognize Mandela Day with Donations to Local Children’s Homes

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Mauser Packaging Solutions Reconditioning employees in South Africa recognized Mandela Day on July 18 by making donations to local children’s homes. Employees from the Durban facility delivered a donation of food, blankets, and toiletries to St. Vincent Children’s Home while the Johannesburg site made a similar donation to Bulamahla Children’s Home in Thabisa. Due to COVID-19 precautions, employees were restricted …

Packaging Solutions for a Circular Economy: Introducing the 100% PCR Tight Head Container

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At Mauser Packaging Solutions, we remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint. That’s why we’re excited to expand our offering of environmentally-friendly packaging with the UN-rated, tight-head container made from 100% post-consumer resin (PCR). The new 100% PCR tight-head container features recycled resin that we produce in-house. Empty industrial packaging, either our own or our competitors, that would otherwise be …

The Next Steps in Our Sustainability Journey

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Our continued investment and commitment to sustainability creates long term value for our company. It differentiates us from competitors, focuses the business on sustainable processes, and creates additional opportunities to attract, develop, and retain passionate Mauser Packaging Solutions employees. To better understand our current state and identify the right path forward, we have partnered with Corporate Citizenship an industry leading …

‘The Total Package’ – our Global Newsletter – Second Edition 2020 Available

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The July 2020 (second edition) global newsletter ‘The Total Package’ is now available electronically. ‘The Total Package’ is aimed at keeping employees informed of business information, direction, progress, and goals. It also provides information about company programs, initiatives, and recognition. The newsletter is available electronically in 11 languages: Dutch English French German Italian Mandarin Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Turkish

Indianapolis Reaches New Safety Milestone

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On July 11, the Indianapolis Small Packaging facility reached 3,285 days, which is 9 full years, without a lost time accident. Indianapolis continues to serve as an excellent role model demonstrating that no matter what disruptions come our way, and no matter what head winds are faced,  great results can be achieved when safety is an unwavering value shared by …

Life Saving Rules: Confined Spaces

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Life Saving Rules are essential safety principles that when followed, will protect employees from serious injury or death. These rules were developed around hazards specific to Mauser Packaging Solutions and are focused, clear and simple, actionable, and observable. CONFINED SPACES Every year, thousands of workers are seriously injured when working in a confined space. On average in North America, two …

The Top 5 Things to Know About the Mauser Packaging Solutions Used Container Collection Program

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Every year, Mauser Packaging Solutions collects tens of millions of used, empty IBCs and plastic and steel drums from companies around the world. Why? It’s the right and responsible thing to do! We are committed to “Redefining Sustainability” and providing solutions that reduce our carbon footprint. Collection is the first step in responsibly extending the life cycle of industrial packaging. Here …