Global Corporate Sustainability Report Now Available

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When Mauser Packaging Solutions was formed in 2018, the company identified four cornerstones of sustainability as the foundation of our business – Commitment, Innovation, Excellence and Passion. These cornerstones begin to tell the story of who we are and present tremendous opportunities for shared success – for our business and the world. In early 2020, we began taking the next …

Year-end message from Michael Steubing, President International Packaging

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Dear Colleagues, When I wrote my Christmas letter to you last year, I said that a year of opportunities but also challenges was ahead of us and that our excellent team was well prepared to meet any challenge ahead of us. Little could I foresee the enormity of the challenges we would face in 2020. The impact that COVID has …

Year-end message from Mark Burgess, Mauser Packaging Solutions President and CEO

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I recently finished reading a book called “Endurance”, the story of explorer Sir Earnest Shackleton. The book details the “failed” voyage and struggle of the ship’s crew after their vessel was overcome and crushed by ice floes in the Weddell Sea leaving all aboard stranded on the pack ice. The crew was left to redefine their survival approach as they …

‘The Total Package’ – our Global Newsletter – Third Edition 2020 Available

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The December 2020 (third edition) global newsletter ‘The Total Package’ is now available electronically. ‘The Total Package’ is aimed at keeping employees informed of business information, direction, progress, and goals. It also provides information about company programs, initiatives, and recognition. Dutch English French German Italian Mandarin Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Turkish * Additional languages added on December 18, 2020.

COVID-19 and Your Right to Privacy

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Mauser Packaging Solutions may receive requests from external parties such as customers, suppliers, labor organizations, media representatives and governmental authorities for information concerning the identities or numbers of employees who: exhibit symptoms of or test positive for COVID-19; have certain pre-existing health conditions that increase their risks of COVID-19 infection; have been in close contact with individuals who tested positive for COVID-19; and; are not reporting …