Mauser Leadership Welcomes Grupo Zapata Employees with Event in Mexico

Michelle MachenMauser News, Small Packaging

On Thursday, May 16, Mark Burgess, President and CEO of Mauser Packaging Solutions, Robert Bourque, President of NASP, and Jose Luis Guitierrez Buces, General Manager, Grupo Zapata, hosted official welcoming and celebratory events in Mexico City, Mexico following the completion of the acquisition of Taenza, S.A. de C.V.

The day-long event was held at the Grupo Zapata Imesa facility and was attended by Grupo Zapata leadership representing all five manufacturing facilities located throughout Mexico, the Santa Fe corporate office, and Imesa production employees. More than 700 employees were present to learn about Mauser Packaging Solutions and hear about our future as a global supplier of rigid packaging products and services.

The remarks given by Mauser leadership conveyed a theme of excitement, commitment, and partnership.

“We are happy to welcome Taenza to our Mauser family,” said Mark Burgess, Chief Executive Officer, Mauser Packaging Solutions. “Taenza’s legacy manufacturing capability and strong local presence in the Mexican markets combined with Mauser’s global network will enable us to make the Taenza business, and Mauser, more successful in the future.”

Robert Bourque, President of NASP also commented, “You know Mexico, you know your products, and you know your customers. We value your place in the market, the relationships you have with customers, and the products you produce. We want to learn from the things that you do well, and we want to support you in areas where we can help you improve. We welcome you to the Mauser family and look forward to building a great future together.”

Following the event, employees received Mauser Packaging Solutions promotional items and were invited to network with leadership.

We welcome all Grupo Zapata employees to the Mauser family and look forward to their contributions in supporting our mission of providing customers with the highest quality products and the most dependable service.