Large Packaging Holds OSHA 30-Hour Training Course

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Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Large Packaging business unit recently held a 30-hour OSHA training course in Harrisburg, NC. This week long course is intended to promote workplace safety and health and to make workers more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights. Participants receive the OSHA’s second highest certification card once the course is completed. OSHA certified trainer Sarah Olson from …

Redefining Sustainability: Good for Business and the Environment

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Mauser Packaging Solutions is redefining sustainability with a holistic approach to manufacturing that makes sense for business and the environment. Going beyond the linear start-to-finish traditional concept of manufacturing, Mauser looks at its business as a continuous circle of product design, production, collection, reconditioning, reuse and recycle—and then back to design and production. “We have the most comprehensive product life-cycle …

Safety Week Summary (and Video)

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Safety is pivotal in our business. At Mauser Packaging Solutions, Safety is our number one priority. To demonstrate the Company’s commitment to Safety, the first global safety week was conducted January 14-18. “Safety reflects how we care for our people. While good safety supports good operational performance and is thus good business, it is the avoidance of workplace incidents, which …

Steel Tariff Impact on Mauser: Section 232 Tariff Update

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The Section 232 tariff on steel and aluminum that went into effect in March 2018 has had an impact on Mauser Packaging Solutions. The tariff, which was designed to support the US steel industry, has significantly raised the cost of steel, particularly in the United States. Steel related products such as our steel drums, cans, and IBC cages, account for …

Small Packaging: Indianapolis Reaches Five Year Safety Milestone

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Indianapolis Small Packaging employees marked five years without a recordable safety incident on November 18, 2018. Reaching this milestone is no easy task. It requires a steady and uncompromising commitment to safety from every level of the organization. The success at Indianapolis is great example of what a facility can accomplish when everyone shares a common vision and is committed …

Vanguard to Conduct Retirement Education Webinar

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You are invited. Mark your calendar! A Vanguard representative will be conducting a retirement education webinar in February. The webinar, Financial Freedom, aims to teach the basic rules of thumb to improve your finances and ensure you are headed in the right direction financially. Reserve your spot today! Register at

International Packaging: Safety Week Success

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Safety week across International Packaging was a great success. Michael Steubing, President of International Packaging, visited Brühl, Erkelenz, Bammental, Hamburg, Creil and Esches taking the opportunity to meet employees to discuss the importance of safety for our company. Safety stands downs and activities were also initiated by Stefan Wiedenhöfer, Edson Rossi, our local GMs, Plant Managers and SHEQ management. Across …