Large Packaging Holds OSHA 30-Hour Training Course

Kimberly BraamOur Stories, Large Packaging, Safety

Mauser Packaging Solutions' Large Packaging business unit recently held a 30-hour OSHA training course in Harrisburg, NC. This week long course is intended to promote workplace safety and health and to make workers more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights. Participants receive the OSHA's second highest certification card once the course is completed. OSHA certified trainer Sarah Olson from SMSC led the course as part of OSHA's outreach program.

The course, hosted by Large Packaging Metals,  was attended by 27 participants from all business units.  Participants included a variety of job roles including plant managers, production supervisors, SHEQ, and maintenance.

Providing leaders an opportunity to participate in this certification demonstrate Mauser's commitment to employee safety. According to Nick Sheets, Director EH&S / Regulatory Group for Large Packaging, "There is always more that we can all learn when it comes to safety. This course ensures facility leaders all share the same solid foundation of knowledge needed to provide a safe work environment. We have an identified gap in our safety process when it comes to knowledge that this training will help close." While it can sometimes be a challenge to have facility leaders participate in a week long training, the education and awareness gained through this course is a valuable investment in the safety of our people.

The course offers practical instruction that participants can apply in their facilities. Ian Mullin, Steel Engineer from Woodbridge, NJ, provided one example, "We use ladders to access the burner boxes on our ovens to preform start up tasks as well as preventative maintenance. This training allowed me to understand requirements with fixed ladders, and enabled me to convey desires for modifications to our current fixed ladders."

There are plans to offer at least two other 30-hour training courses in the Chicago and Houston areas by the end of the year and to continue to offer the course annually. More information on these additional offerings will be shared once details are available. For more information on the 30-hour OSHA training, visit​