Safety Week Summary (and Video)

Kimberly BraamMauser News, Safety

Safety is pivotal in our business. At Mauser Packaging Solutions, Safety is our number one priority. To demonstrate the Company's commitment to Safety, the first global safety week was conducted January 14-18.

"Safety reflects how we care for our people. While good safety supports good operational performance and is thus good business, it is the avoidance of workplace incidents, which is at the heart of our approach," said President and CEO, Ken Roessler.

The cornerstone of Safety Week was the first global Safety Stand Down. The 2019 Safety Stand Down was not in response to any specific incident but an opportunity to proactively set our collective focus on safety as we enter a new year. Facilities were provided a general structure and key talking point but were encouraged to tailor the message to best fit the audience at each location.

To follow up the Safety Stand Down, employees at many locations participated in additional safety focused activities throughout the week. Some activities were formal training in areas such as proper fire extinguisher use, first aid and CPR. Other activities added a lighter touch to the serious topic of safety.

In several facilities, PPE Assessments were conducted to review and update the PPE requirements across all work areas. Proper PPE use was demonstrated through PPE fashion shows or a PPE Top Model competition.

Safety scavenger hunts merged hazard reporting with team-building. During safety scavenger hunts, small employee groups competed to identify safety hazards throughout the facility. The identified safety hazards were reviewed by facility leadership and corrective action initiated.

Many global locations ended the week with an appreciation lunch or gathering event for employees. The gathering event was an opportunity to thank employees and reflect on lessons learned. Some facilities also distributed first aid kits or shirts as a reminder of the commitment we are all making to safety.

While safety week proved to be an opportunity to engage employees in safety topics in a pro-active and often fun manner, the issue of safety is a serious topic and one that cannot be confined to one week of the year. A commitment to safety must be renewed every day and by every employee. It takes everyone — at all levels of a company — to build and maintain a workplace culture of safety. However, it is a commitment worth making because safety protects our most valuable asset — our people.