2019 Critical Success Factors (CSF): The Foundation of our Strategy

Kimberly BraamMauser News

Our CSF are foundational in nature and support our strategic planning development and implementation. Focus in these areas strengthens our core operations and drives the continued success of our company into the future.

  • People – Sustain and grow a safety firs​t workplace
    Our first obligation to our people is to provide a safe and enjoyable workplace for a fulfilling career. We must focus on how we attract the best talent to grow our workforce and on how we develop that talent.

  • Customers — Offer our full product line to more customers
    Many of our customers are already buying from more than one of our business units. We must continue educating our customers on the wide variety of products and solutions available across our divisions.

  • Raw Materials — Leverage our size to negotiate steel and resin prices
    Raw material costs have a direct impact on our financial bottom line. Because many of our facilities use the same raw materials, we should use our collective buying power to ensure the best prices for the materials we need.

  • Operations — Increase plant productivity
    We manufacture our products. As one company, we must evaluate how we most efficiently utilize assets to provide the best products and services to our customers.

  • Transportation — Use our trucking company as a strategic advantage
    The Company's portfolio now includes a trucking fleet in North America. In 2019, we will place focus on evaluating current trucking assets and areas of opportunities. By leveraging transportation across regions, we are able to stabilize cost and bring superior service to our customers.

  • Finance & IT — Invest in and leverage technology
    We will leverage best practices from our existing IT and finance teams and will explore options to make work easier and data more readily available in times of digital competition. ​​