International Packaging: Safety Week Success

Kimberly BraamOur Stories, International Packaging, Safety

Safety week across International Packaging was a great success. Michael Steubing, President of International Packaging, visited Brühl, Erkelenz, Bammental, Hamburg, Creil and Esches taking the opportunity to meet employees to discuss the importance of safety for our company. Safety stands downs and activities were also initiated by Stefan Wiedenhöfer, Edson Rossi, our local GMs, Plant Managers and SHEQ management.

Across International Packaging, safety week activities began with the corporate global safety week presentation followed by a question and answer session. Plant managers took the opportunity during the safety week presentation to present localized safety figures, production updates, and safety measures. Safety plant tour were conducted at facilities enabling workers the opportunity to address safety concerns or make improvement suggestions directly to the management. Shop floor audits were also conducted by Frank Burger, SHEQ Manager International Packaging, or a local SHEQ Representative.

Safety week activities were accepted positively across all plants. The week’s activities and presentations allowed employees to engage in open dialogue and discussion with the management and create a “can do” spirit throughout the facilities while providing employees with additional motivation to work in a safe environment.

As a result of safety week, several excellent safety measures and initiatives were realized and will be implemented as best practices for other International Packaging plants.