Resources for Establishing a Consistent Mauser Packaging Solutions Brand Identity

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In his audio message last week, President and CEO, Mark Burgess conveyed a priority for all employees to support our enterprise brand and the common interest of Mauser Packaging Solutions. A strong, consistent brand identity is one important aspect of establishing the Mauser Packaging Solutions culture. By consistently using the Mauser Packaging Solutions brand we reinforce our ‘One Company’ identity both internally and externally. CONNECT, our company intranet site*, provides tools and resources to appropriately convey our Mauser Packaging Solutions identity. A few of the primary employee resources available for use are listed below:

CONNECT aims to strengthen our identity as “One Company” by providing Office 365 migrated employees a central access point for company provided tools and resources. Employees are encouraged to set CONNECT as their default Internet homepage.

Email Signature Templates and Guidelines

Location: CONNECT – Employee Resources – Template
All employees should be using the approved email signature template for all email communications. An important part of our brand is having a consistent email signature across the organization. Externally, this reinforces our brand identity and conveys a level of professionalism. Internally, email signatures serve as a reference for colleagues by providing job title, business unit and location, and contact information.

Letterhead Templates

Location: CONNECT – Employee Resources – Templates
For commercial correspondence, all employees should use official templates including the correct letterhead and signature fields to ensure compliance with legal requirements and Mauser Packaging Solutions Brand Identity Standards. Downloadable files are available on CONNECT as Word documents. Facility and office locations are encouraged to modify the address details found in the letterhead footer to create localized letterhead.

PowerPoint Template

Location: CONNECT – Employee Resources – Templates
This PowerPoint template should be used for creating all PowerPoint presentations to provide a consistent Mauser Packaging Solutions identity.

Company Overview Presentation

Location: CONNECT – Employee Resources – Company Information (PDF version)
                 CONNECT – Employee Resources – Templates (PowerPoint version)
This presentation can be used globally by all business units and provides a high-level overview of who Mauser Packaging Solutions is, what we stand for, and explains how we are Redefining Sustainability. The PDF Company Overview Presentation can be used to provide general information about Mauser Packaging Solution. The PowerPoint version can be customized by employees to present the information most relevant to their audience.

Facility Locations Presentation (Maps)

Location: CONNECT – Employee Resources – Templates
PowerPoint presentation containing maps and lists of Mauser Packaging Solutions locations. These slides can be used for personal reference or added to other presentations. Information on these slides should not be changes when added to other presentations.

Teams Backgrounds

Location: CONNECT – Employee Resources – Templates
Microsoft Teams is preferred business communication platform supported by Mauser Packaging Solutions Global IT. To reinforce our brand identity and convey a level of professionalism during video conference calls, two Mauser Packaging Solutions branded Teams’ backgrounds and instructions for their use are available on CONNECT. With the increase in employees working remotely and the decrease in travel, Teams plays a key role in keeping us connected and enabling virtual meetings with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners.

Brand Identity Guidelines and Mauser Packaging Solutions Logo Files

Location: CONNECT – Employee Resources – Brand Resources
Our logo is one of our most visible and valuable brand assets. Consistent and correct usage across all outlets will ensure a strong and recognizable company identity. In the Mauser Packaging Solutions Brand Identity Guidelines, you will find guidelines around the internal and external usage and application of the elements that create our brand. On the Brand Resources page, you can also download the Mauser Packaging Solutions logo in a variety of formats.

We all have a responsibility to convey professionalism and a consistent brand identity both internally and externally. Resources on CONNECT are periodically updated so employees are encouraged to check CONNECT on a regular basis for new or updated resources.

*CONNECT is accessible by all employees with company network access.