Virgin Pulse: It’s your time to thrive

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Let Virgin Pulse help you make the most of your health and wellness goals in 2021!

The Virgin Pulse program encourages North American benefit eligible participants enrolled in the Company’s medical plan to become, or stay, engaged in their own health. This Mauser Packaging Solutions’ sponsored well-being program is voluntary and confidential providing you with the tools to get active, get healthy, and get rewarded.

How does it work

Earn points by making healthy decision and tracking your activity with Virgin Pulse. Points equate to dollars that will be contributed to your Health Savings Account. Points can be earned from January 1 – November 30 each year, so get started today!

How to participate
  • New participants can sign up at
  • Existing members can log in at
  • Download the Virgin Pulse mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Track your healthy activities like getting fit, eating better, staying hydrated, sleeping enough, and more
  • Check in by taking health measurements like weight and blood pressure
  • Take part in challenges with friends, discover healthy rips, and more
  • Get rewards for the healthy things you do