ICYMI: Mauser Packaging Solutions Sutainability Report

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When Mauser Packaging Solutions was formed in 2018, the company identified four cornerstones of sustainability as the foundation of our business – Commitment, Innovation, Excellence and Passion. These cornerstones begin to tell the story of who we are and present tremendous opportunities to create shared success with our customers, employees, communities and shareholders.

In early 2020, we began taking the next steps in our sustainability journey by partnering with an industry leading firm that helps companies navigate this landscape. Together, with our partner, we worked to understand what Mauser Packaging Solutions’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) strengths and weaknesses are, identified specific ESG topics that are most critical to our success, and gathered data and stories about the great work we are doing to share in a publicly available sustainability report. In December, we released the first Mauser Packaging Solutions Sustainability Report.


Click here to visit the True Sustainability page on our external website to download the report.

Sustainability is about more than just the solutions we offer our customers, it’s also about operating our facilities in a way that reduces our environmental impact and improves the lives of our employees. The Sustainability Report is not only a reflection of our commitment to corporate social responsibility and transparency, it is also the next step in our efforts to further improve the economic, social and environmental aspects of our business. This report reflects our current performance and our achievements so far. In the future, we will gather more data, calculate our environmental footprint, and set measurable targets. Future reports will allow us to track our progress and share best practices as we continue on our sustainability journey.