Mauser Packaging Solutions Expands Options and Flexibility for 2023 U.S. Healthcare Benefits

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At Mauser Packaging Solutions, our success depends on our most vital asset – our employees. We’re committed to helping you and your family be your healthiest selves by providing a comprehensive and competitive Benefits Package to meet your and your family’s needs. To balance rising healthcare costs, we are implementing more flexibility and options to meet your specific needs and make healthcare more affordable.

Our 2023 benefit plan enhancements (for U.S. benefit eligible employees) include:

New PPO Plan

In response to popular demand, we are introducing a new PPO option in addition to the current HSP/HSA plan. Providing two plan options allows employees to consider their individual circumstances and potential healthcare needs and enroll in a plan that best meets the needs of their situation.

Both plans include 100% coverage for preventative services and access to UnitedHealthcare’s national Choice Plus Network of providers for in-network benefits. Under the current HSP/HSA plan, participants pay lower premiums up front (from your paycheck) but have higher deductibles to meet before the plan pays benefits. For those comfortable with a higher deductible plan, the company includes an option for employees to receive employer contributions to their HSA account. Alternatively, the PPO plan has higher premiums from your paycheck, but offers fixed copays and lower annual deductibles.

With both plans employees can choose to set aside pre-tax dollars for healthcare expenses using either an HSA or FSA account. The type of account available depends on the plan option elected.

More information on available benefit plans and their respective pre-tax savings accounts is available in the 2023 Benefits Guides accessible on the 2023 Open Enrollment page.

New Tiers

Expanding our tiers allows employees to choose coverage levels specific to their family situation, which provides flexibility and cost savings. In 2023, employees will be able to select from four tiers compared to just two tiers that were previously offered. The new 2023 tiers are:

      • Employee Only
      • Employee plus Spouse
      • Employee plus Child/Children
      • Employee plus Family

By offering a wider range of tiers, healthcare premiums can be customized to better reflect the healthcare needs for a diverse array of family situations.

Salary Banding (Pay-based) Pricing

The practice of having pricing based on employees’ Salary Band allows us to pass along savings, despite experiencing rising costs. Under salary banding, employee premiums are adjusted across the different salary bands. Salary banding creates a more equitable contribution method and makes healthcare more accessible to more employees.

The Salary Bands for 2023 are:

      • Under $50,000
      • $50,000 to $150,000
      • Over $150,000

Salary bands are based on annual base salary and do not include additional earnings such as overtime, bonuses or other payments. Salary bands are also locked-in for the plan year, so an increase in pay during the year will not result in a change to premiums until the following plan year.

Our valuable, high quality benefits package is designed to help protect your health, lifestyle, and income through the variety of options available. In addition to healthcare benefits, that include dental, vision, and wellness program, we provide employees with life (including spousal and dependent), accident, and disability coverage. Moreover, employees also have options to elect voluntary benefits including:

      • Critical Illness, Accident, and Hospital Indemnity insurances
      • Supplemental Life insurance
      • Legal insurance through LegalShield
      • Identity Theft Protection through Allstate Identity Protection
Providing a comprehensive benefits package that is designed to meet the individual needs and circumstances of a diverse employee population is a core element in our commitment to our employees. In recognizing that nothing we accomplish would be possible without the hard work and dedication from our employees, we invest into a Benefits Package that helps you live a healthy life and build a secure future.

Employees are encouraged to visit the 2023 Open Enrollment page on MauserNOW for more information on the 2023 Benefits Plan and instructions for making benefit elections for 2023. All elections for 2023 must be made prior to the end of Open Enrollment on Friday, November 18.