2021 Infrastructure Investments Position Industrial Packaging for Future Growth

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At Mauser Packaging Solutions we are investing approximately $1 billion USD over the next four years to accelerate our vision to deliver innovative solutions to our customers, drive sustainable operations, reduce our impact on the environment, and empower our employees to grow. The following article is an example of investments being made to our infrastructure and assets.
During 2021, several Industrial Solutions facilities received significant infrastructure upgrades that improve the capabilities and efficiency of the plant. These investments are an example of the type of infrastructure investments Mauser Packaging Solutions is committed to over the next 4 years as we grow our business. Infrastructure investments drive automation, safety and cost reduction to make employee’s jobs easier and enhance the customer experience.
Mason, Ohio New Intermediate Steel Drum Line

A new steel drum line in Mason, Ohio improved the capability and safety for production of 14”, 16’ and 18” diameter steel drums. In addition to improving safety and ergonomics for operators, the new line facilitates an improved paint application process provids uniformity of the paint and interior lining to create a higher quality appearance of the drum and improved performance of interior coating.

The need to retire older equipment and address employee safety and ergonomic matters played a crucial role in the transformation. An ergonomic design to prioritize quick changeover and operator access to tooling was essential when planning the forming line. To reduce any REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) risk, the manual side seam touch up process will transition to being a fully automatic process. With the ability to expand every shell using an automated feed process, sheering sheets to an exact precise length before feeding into the welder will be eliminated.  Modifications to the facility layout and flow of materials were implemented in phases in order to maintain production throughout the project.

The success of this project is the result of multiple vendor partnerships and the dedicated work of our team in Mason. With the assistance and resources received from other Mauser Packaging Solutions’ plants, the Mason team was able to re-build a seamer to be retrofitted for intermediate drums and installed a paint booth from the ground up.

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New Tri-Layer Blow Molders at The Woodlands, Texas and Charlotte, NC

Mauser Packaging Solutions has taken significant steps toward expanding our tri-layer poly drum production capabilities with the installation of tri-layer blow molders in The Woodlands, Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina facilities this year.

With the increase in customer demand and regulatory requirements for increased use of recycled content in containers, these new tri-layer blow molding machines put Mauser Packaging Solutions ahead of the demand curve and provide a competitive advantage in the poly drum market. The tri-layer drum has a three-layer drum body with only the encapsulated middle layer containing PCR and processed regrind. The inner layer, which is in direct content with filling goods is made of virgin raw material to provide a virgin drum surface to contact the customers ladings. The outer layer is also made from virgin raw material. Tri-layer drums contain more than 40% recycled content encapsulated in the inner layer.
New Tri-Layer Blow Molders at The Woodlands, Texas and Charlotte, NC
The Woodbridge, NJ Large Packaging Metals facility has upgraded two paint booths with a new, larger, and faster booth. The new paint booth will run water reducible paint which has a lower flammability rating and lower odor content than the solid solvent paint used by the old booths.
The new booth replaces systems installed in 1989 and upgrades the equipment to meet current standards and obtain consistency with other systems within our network. In addition to being faster and more state-of-the-art, the new paint booth provides a safer paint environment as it is located on the same level as other equipment rather than in a pit. By eliminating limited egress and the risk associated with confined spaces; slips, trips, and falls can be reduced and avoided. Additionally, the lower flammability of water reducible paint significantly reduces the fire hazard for the facility.