Mason, Ohio New Intermediate Steel Drum Line

Michelle MachenMauser News, Industrial Solutions

Investments in Mason, Ohio  will improve capabilities and safety for production of 14”, 16” and 18” diameter steel drums.
A significant benefit of the Mason investment is an improved paint application process providing uniformity of the paint and interior lining to create a higher quality appearance of the drum and improved performance of interior coating. The interior coating, previously roll coated with minimal to no chemical resistance, will now be comparable to a 55-gallon drum with full capabilities of chemical resistance. A full spray application process enabling external paint and internal lining to be applied in a single booth, is a realized synergy executed in some Small Packaging facilities.
Key Benefits of Mason, Ohio, Investments
  • Upgraded safety systems
  • Improved ergonomics on forming line changeovers
  • Improved ergonomics for paint application
  • Improved quality and consistency of paint application, going from roll coat to spray
  • Offering true lining capabilities with a spray application as opposed to the roll coat application
  • Improved consistency and quality of the shells; forming line will be consistent with hoop location and diameter with expanding each shell
  • Decreased scrap

The need to retire older equipment and address employee safety and ergonomic matters played a crucial role in the transformation. An ergonomic design to prioritize quick changeover and operator access to tooling was essential when planning the forming line. To reduce any REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) risk, the manual side seam touch up process will transition to being a fully automatic process. With the ability to expand every shell using an automated feed process, sheering sheets to an exact precise length before feeding into the welder will be eliminated.  Modifications to the facility layout and flow of materials were implemented in phases in order to maintain production throughout the project.

The success of this project is the result of multiple vendor partnerships and the dedicated work of our team in Mason. With the assistance and resources received from other Mauser Packaging Solutions’ plants, the Mason team was able to re-build a seamer to be retrofitted for intermediate drums and installed a paint booth from the ground up.

“The internal team rose above the challenges and far exceeded expectations in planning and execution of this project,” commented Jason Hutchison, Mason Plant Manager. “A special thanks goes out to David Haynes, Wade Kolling, Blaine Cohick, Andy McIntosh, Justin Reed (Pine Bluff, Ark.), Tony Rushing (Pine Bluff, Ark.), Tyler Pittman (Pine Bluff, Ark.), Marty Bartell and their teams for outstanding leadership and work on this project.”

“We are excited about the safety improvements and the new capabilities this investment provides in Mason.”
- Ken Fowler, VP Metal and Fiber
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