Daniels Healthcare Launches WIVA™ Infinity Range in the UK

Michelle MachenOur Stories, International Packaging

Daniels Healthcare, a Mauser Packaging Solutions brand, has launched the WIVA™ Infinity range in the UK – the world’s first UN-approved clinical waste container made from Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR). Following the successful launch of the SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi in 2020, WIVA™ Infinity is the next sustainable product offering from Daniels Healthcare, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution to the healthcare sector, while still meeting the highest standards in quality and safety.

WIVA™ Infinity clinical waste containers are made of responsibly sourced plastic, created for the disposal of healthcare clinical waste and designed to support the NHS in achieving its environmental and sustainability goals. Initial launch of this product in The Netherlands and Belgium provides evidence to suggest that customers can reduce their Co2 footprint by 50% when switching to the WIVA™ Infinity range.

WIVA™ Infinity is the next step in our long-term strategy to reduce single use plastics and in minimizing our impact on the environment, while still meeting the highest standards in quality and safety for our customers.


If all UK users of the WIVA™ VAT 5 containers converted to the new WIVA™ Infinity, it would deliver a 950-ton reduction of virgin plastic use – that’s the weight of 271 ambulances.

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WIVA™ Infinity Product Overview
  • Three sizes of container: 30, 50 and 60 litres.
  • Maximum filling weights: 30L:12kg, 50L:15kg, 60L;15kg
  • Two different lid variants available in, solid and porthole
  • Lid options available in colors to facilitate correct waste disposal, in line with HTM07-01 Guidance¹
  • Range of pedal bin mobile holders for easy transportation to the point of use, and hand-free disposal
  • Certified to UN3291² and performance tested for leak resistance, stability and impact resistance tests based on ISO23907 and NFX30-511 standards
  • Label with clear sections to record dates, locations, users and appropriate EWC code ready for collection
  • Stackable and stable when empty and full, optimizing storage

¹ Management and disposal of healthcare waste (HTM 07-01)
² UN3291 certified containers are suitable for the transportation of Category B infectious waste