Daniels Healthcare Introduces First 100% Recycled Plastic Pharmaceutical Waste Container

Michelle MachenMauser News, International Packaging

Daniels Healthcare, a Mauser Packaging Solutions brand, has introduced its first pharmaceutical waste container made from 100% recycled plastic. The new SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi range combines the highest quality and safety standards with the environmental benefits of using recycled plastic.

The SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi range is designed for the disposal of pharmaceutical waste in its original packaging and is a foundational step in a longer-term plan to reduce single use plastic across all products. The new product line will result in a 280-ton reduction of single use plastic and 284 hours of energy consumption savings per year within Daniels Healthcare.

Development of the SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi range comes as a direct result of market research which revealed that 86% of healthcare respondents rate sustainability as important or very important to their organization and ranked sustainability as their third top priority, behind safety and ease of use.


As the next evolution of the current pharmi range product line, customers will automatically receive the updated range available in three container sizes (5, 11.5 and 22 liters) with the same product codes, at the same price, via the same supply routes.

“Daniels Healthcare is continuously looking for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of its business and to support the United Kingdom National Health Service in reaching their sustainability goals. As the leading provider of sharps and clinical waste containers to the UK healthcare sector, it is our duty to innovate, respond to the needs of our customers and help to create a better future for our planet. Our vision is to be the most innovative sharps and clinical waste solutions company in the UK and Europe, providing safe, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the healthcare sector,” said Kevin Cundy, Daniels Healthcare, Head of Sales and Marketing, UK & Ireland.

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