Foundations of a Safe Work Environment and Culture

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Safety is all about people. At Mauser Packaging Solutions, our dedicated workers are our biggest asset. It is our ethical responsibility to ensure that each employee goes home safe and unharmed, every day. To aid in fulfilling this responsibility, Mauser Packaging Solutions is implementing a Global Health and Safety Policy in 2020 that outlines the Company’s commitment to support safe decision making and actions across all business units.

The Global Health and Safety Policy, introduced at the Safety 2020 Stand Down, supports Mauser Packaging Solutions’ continuous emphasis on promoting a safe work environment and culture. The ongoing SMART-Safety© method by Fullmark used internationally and Life Saving Rules being implemented in North America in 2020 provide training and awareness that motivate employees to take ownership of their safety.

Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Life Saving Rules


What are Life Saving Rules?

Eight essential safety principles implemented in January 2020 that will protect employee from serious injury or death when followed.


Who is the audience?

North American business units employees


How were the rules developed?

The rules were developed around hazards specific to Mauser Packaging Solutions and are focused, clear and simple, actionable, and observable. The safety topics are similar to the successful SMART-Safety© method by Fullmark used in the International business unit.


How will employees learn about the Life Saving Rules?

To ensure that all employees are familiar with the Life Saving Rules, training on each of the rules will be provided in all North American facilities during 2020.


Quarterly training will focus on two of the rules. Employees will participate in activities to raise awareness of the hazard each rule addresses and reinforce behavior to avoid accidents pertaining to that hazard.

SMART-Safety© method by Fullmark

What is the SMART-Safety© method by Fullmark?

The SMART-Safety© method by Fullmark is a set of basic rules or safety essentials that form the foundation for creating a safe work environment.

Who is the audience?

International business unit employees

How do employees learn about the SMART-Safety© method?

Beginning in January 2018, the International business unit facilities receive quarterly safety materials that focus on an applicable safety theme.

Facilities are responsible for introducing a new theme at the beginning of the quarter and reinforcing that safety theme at all levels of the organization until a new topic is introduced.

What results have been observed since the campaign was launched? 

As of January 2020, the investment in SMART-Safety© has resulted in a +57% reduction in lost time accidents and a +34% reduction in accident frequency rate.

With the implementation of the Global Health and Safety Policy and investment in safety education, we are equipping employees to create and maintain a safe work environment. Focusing on safety is critical for our company, for you, for each other.