Safety 2020 Stand Down- Safety Depends on Everyone

Michelle MachenMauser News, Safety

Mauser Packaging Solutions makes every effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for all those who work for and with our company. Safety is a cooperative undertaking requiring an ever-present safety consciousness on the part of every employee. Only through cooperative efforts, can a safety culture that is in the best interest of all be established and preserved.

To renew our commitment to Safety in the New Year, Mauser Packaging Solutions will be conducting our annual Safety 2020 Stand-Down the week of January 20 in our North American business units and in our International Packaging business unit the week of January 27. Our Safety 2020 Stand-Down will bring together Mauser Packaging Solutions employees to reaffirm a collective commitment to safety and promote a culture of full engagement with the company’s safety programs. Executive Committee members will visit more than 50 facilities between January 20-31 to speak to employees about the importance of safety and the Company’s long-term strategy.

In 2020, Mauser Packaging Solutions will continue to improve and identify risks by creating and enforcing safety programs, best practices, guidelines, and introducing a global Health and Safety policy. As of Monday, January 20, facilities will operate under our new “one Mauser” Health and Safety policy. The policy should be posted in all facilities in an area visible to all employees, suppliers, customers, and visitors each day.

We thank you, our employees, supervisors, and managers, for creating safer workplaces in 2019 and for committing to making safety a strong focus in the year ahead.

See you at the Safety 2020 Stand Down.

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