The Rise of Hybrid Can Production – Demonstrating Mauser’s Commitment to Innovative Solutions

Michelle MachenMauser News, Small Packaging

Mauser Packaging Solutions is committed to delivering innovative solutions to our customers, driving sustainable operations, reducing our impact on the environment, and empowering our employees to grow. Consistent with the initiatives and priorities of the Company’s Billion Dollar Plan, Mauser has been persistently investing in new machines, equipment, and infrastructure updates. One area of significant advancement has been in the expansion of 1-gallon hybrid can production capabilities.

Hybrid cans, ideal for latex paints, colorants, and other water-based substances, can also provide customers with a durable cost effective and sustainable option. Hybrid cans are constructed of recycled polypropylene bodies with metal rings and plugs that are designed to be interchangeable with metal paint cans. The can’s plastic body is resistant to rust and denting making it a preferable packaging option for many commercial retailers.

Expanding hybrid can production positions Mauser to be more competitive in the paint can market and provides flexibility for customers looking for alternative packaging solutions. “One of our strengths in the marketplace is the diversity we provide to our customers. Metal packaging isn’t going away but our increased capacity for hybrid enables us to offer both options to customers and let them choose,” commented David Blythe, NASP Vice President of Engineering – Metals.

"One of our strengths in the marketplace is the diversity we provide to our customers."
David Blythe, NASP Vice President of Engineering – Metals

The innovation and development of the 1-gallon hybrid can production lines has been a steady growth process beginning in Chicago, Ill. more than a decade ago. Per research conducted by Future Market Insights, the global hybrid paint cans market accounted for US$ 1.2 billion in 2023 with this number to hold and grow in 2024. With plans to accelerate hybrid growth, our teams are committed to embracing hybrid production as an integral part of Mauser’s future.

“We are proud of how the Chicago, Ill., York, Penn., and Garland, Texas teams have all stepped up and are eager to take on more work. Implementation of our plans would not have been possible without the support and commitment of our locations,” commented Blythe.

The hybrid can lines are just another example of how were moving forward with innovation and progressing against the Billions Dollar Plan. The investment in hybrid can production demonstrates Mauser’s commitment to anticipating customer needs and refining product lines to ensure the company is positioned as the “go-to” packaging solutions supplier in the market.