Dive Deeper into Plastic Drums: New, Interactive Training Course Available

Michelle MachenMauser News, Industrial Solutions

Plastic drums are used by our customers to hold everything from paints to flavorings to food products, adhesives and more. Boost your knowledge and expertise in all things plastic drums with this new, interactive training course.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the team, this course has something for everyone. You’ll gain an understanding of:

  • The Blow Molding Process
  • Plastic Drum Components and Features
  • The NAIP Plastic Drum Product Portfolio
  • Plastic Drum Quality and Performance Testing
  • UN Markings
  • Terminology

Mauser Packaging Solutions is a leading manufacturer of plastic drums and deepening or refreshing our product knowledge empowers us to work more confidently and provide better service and support to our customers. In the future, additional training courses will be available for IBCs, steel drums, fiber drums and related services.

“Providing our team members with tools to ensure they are well versed in our product and service offering is key to having successful conversations with customers,” said Rick Haskins, VP, Research, Development, and Commercialization, NAIP.  “Although there is a wealth of product and service information posted on our intranet, it’s not always easy to find or current.  To address these issues and take our educational tools to the next level, we are excited to launch a new SharePoint site that will be a ‘1-stop shop’ for a series of new interactive training modules.”

Access the on-demand Plastics Drums 101 training course here.*

*Access to the on-demand training course is restricted to employees with company network access.