Life Saving Rules Provide an Essential Layer of Protection

Michelle MachenMauser News, Safety

Introduced in 2020, the North American Mauser Packaging Solutions Life Saving Rules (LSR) serve as a foundation for our safety policy in North America. The rules were developed around hazards specific to Mauser Packaging Solutions and are focused, clear and simple, actionable, and observable. The LSRs are eight essential safety principles that protect employees from serious injury or death when followed. While the LSR policy applies to all North American employees, the principles of these rules apply to all employees regardless of job type, business unit, or geography.
The severity of the hazards addressed by the LSRs require there to be a disciplinary element to this policy but the primary intent behind the rules is to develop behaviors that will protect employees against serious injury or death. In North America, the Corporate LSR Committee is responsible for reviewing all LSR violations, determining mitigating factors, and guiding organizational learning and improvement.  Mauser has a responsibility to provide the right policies, procedures, and infrastructure to facilitate a safe work environment, but every employee shares the responsibility for practicing safe behavior including but not limited to the LSRs. By practicing the behaviors required by the LSRs, we can reduce safety incidents related to the areas covered under these rules.

The LSRs require a commitment from every employee to both personally engage in the behaviors established by the rules and hold others accountable for the same behaviors. We hold ourselves and each other accountable not out of malicious intent but because we are invested in the safety of every employee. When LSRs are followed, we all return home to our friends and family, safely.

The LSRs should become the natural response when encountering one of the hazards covered by this policy. Each of the LSRs is comprised of personal statements that are clear, simple, and actionable. More in depth training is available and should be adhered to for each of the LSRs but practicing the behaviors put forth in each rule goes a long way to eliminating risk. When we all practice the safe behaviors and accept responsibility for creating the environment or circumstances that facilitate safety, we can effectuate meaningful change that ensures a safe workplace for everyone.