Safety by the Numbers: 2023 – Year-to-date Quarter 3

Michelle MachenMauser News, Safety

At Mauser Packaging Solutions, it is our ethical responsibility to ensure that each employee goes home safe, every day. During Quarter 3, Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) increased with TRIR increasing above the 2022 rate. Incident totals across the business reached the highest single month numbers for August but responded with the lowest rates in September demonstrating an ability to respond to implement corrective actions and improvement. With continued focus on safety through the end of the year there is still opportunity to realize year-over-year improvement and finish the year with TRIR and LTIR below industry benchmarks.

“We can do better. We need to do better. We owe it to each other and our families to do better. Nothing we do at Mauser is worth getting injured over,” commented Allen Coppolo, NASP Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

View the infographic below for a more detailed look at Mauser’s safety performance through the third quarter of 2023.

Click the image above to view printable PDF infographic.
In addition to safety within our facilities, Mauser is committed to the safety of the drivers in our private fleet and those they encounter on the road. During Q3 this year, twelve drivers received a clean DOT roadside inspection*. These drivers are Ron Tinsley (Springville, Ala.), Dioffrated Fleming (Millard, Ill.), Rafael Ortiz (Zellwood, Fla.), Antonio Camarena (Montebello, Calif.), Jose Blancas (Roseville, Calif.), Francisco Blancas (Roseville, Calif.), Julio Diaz(Seattle, Wash.), Djeims Malancea (Roseville, Calif.), Fernando Munoz (Montebello, Calif.), Luke Morris (Cannon Falls, Minn.), Shanell Sipp (Millard, Ill.).
*A DOT roadside inspection is the primary tool used by the Federal administration that regulates commercial vehicles. The objective of the inspection is to examine drivers, vehicles, and carriers to ensure safe operation on the roadways. An inspection is considered “clean” if zero violations are found.