Charlotte, NC Reconditioning Facility Passes CHWMEG Audit

Michelle MachenMauser News, Industrial Solutions

Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Reconditioning facility in Charolotte, NC recently passed the CHWMEG1 audit. This in-depth audit and review provides information and covers review requirement for the 910 companies represented by CHWMEG, many of which are Mauser customers.

“The CHWMEG audit is conducted in several of our facilities on behalf of hundreds of companies, including many Mauser customers. Doing well on this annual audit helps to support our sustained business and future growth,” commented Rick Capps, NAIP Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

The CHWMEG Facility Review Program (FRP) conducts worldwide reviews of facilities that recycle, treat, store, and/or dispose of waste or spent materials. The mission of the program to is collect environmental management and risk data concerning waste management facilities of interest to member entities by pooling member and organizational resources. CHWMEG members utilize the audit data provided in facility reports to mitigate costs associated with obtaining objective and value-added information about waste management facilities. These reports are used to augment requirements for conducting vendor site visits, and augment or replace internal company waste management facility review programs.2

Joaquin Gonzalez-Rios (Facility Manager Charlotte IBC & Poly Drum Reco) and Lorne Mills (Regional Environmental, Health and Safety Manager)
"The Charlotte team is tour or audit ready every day, so it is no surprise that they did well on this audit. Great job by the EHS teams and everyone else at the Charlotte facility."
Craig Starwalt NAIP, Senior Vice President of Reconditioning

1CHWMEG is not an acronym or an abbreviation but the legal name of the organization CHEWMEG, INC. The CHWMEG, INC. organization stands for globally promoting responsible waste stewardship.