Introducing Mauser Employee Award Program: Rewarding employees for exceptional contributions

Michelle MachenMauser News

Mauser Packaging Solutions strives to create a workplace where all employees feel that their contributions are valued and where each employee is an important part of the team. To further support local recognition and reward efforts, Mauser Packaging Solutions launched the “Mauser Employee Award Program”. The Mauser Employee Award Program is designed to recognize exceptional contributions by individuals – specifically shop floor employees. With a primary focus on EIP, the Mauser Employee Award Program rewards employees for making a significant contribution to our company.

Each business unit is allotted a maximum number of awards to be provided each month and individuals may only receive one award in any six-month period. Once a business unit’s award quota is met for the month, additional nominations may be declined or deferred to the following month.

Recipients of a Mauser Employee Award Program award receive a reward redeemable by the employee. In North America, prepaid vouchers are issued and redeemed through Wishlist offering virtual gifts and discount on a wide variety of national and regional brands, experiences, and products. For international locations, rewards are provided in the form of a prepaid voucher based on the awarded employee’s geographical location.

Mauser employees are the backbone of everything we do. This program provides way to recognize and show appreciation to employees for exceptional contributions that help Mauser succeed.

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