Virgin Pulse Wellness Program: Support for building a better you

Michelle MachenMauser News

Mauser Packaging Solutions has partnered with Virgin Pulse to support your wellness goals because we care about the health and wellbeing of our employees both in the workplace and at home. The Virgin Pulse program encourages U.S. employees who are enrolled in a qualified Mauser medical plan to become or stay engaged in their own health. The program provides assistance for making small everyday changes for your wellbeing that are focused on the areas you most want to improve.

When you utilize the Virgin Pulse program, you earn rewards while you build healthy habits and experience the lifelong rewards of better health and wellbeing. In addition to resources and tracking exercise, Virgin Pulse offers a variety of tools to help you develop healthy habits. Virgin Pulse points can be earned for tracking calories, types of foods you eat, exploring new recipes and food plans, and participating in Journeys® that are daily, self-guided courses for sleep, stress reduction, emotional balance, and more!


View the 2023 Virgin Pulse Program Guide:

Points earned through Virgin Pulse equate to dollars that will be contributed to your Health Savings Account (for employees enrolled in HSP/HSA plan) or Virgin Pulse Cash (for employees enrolled in PPO plan).

*You may earn Virgin Pulse points from January 1 through November 30. Points equate to HSA contributions that will be contributed to your Health Savings Account for HSP/HSA Plan participants. Your HSA dollars will be deposited on or around the 15th of April, July, October, and December. Participants must be actively employed with Mauser on the day of deposit to receive any earned rewards.

**PPO Plan participants may earn up to $300 in Pulse Cash from January 1 to November 30. Pulse Cash can be redeemed for gift cards, charitable donations or health and wellness items in the Virgin Pulse Store. Federal tax law does not include a specific exemption for wellness program incentives; non-HSA wellness incentives are subject to the same tax rules as any other employee reward or prize.

Haven’t started using Virgin Pulse this year or haven’t earned points in a while? There is still time to earn Virgin Pulse Points for 2023. Points are easily earned by syncing the Virgin Pulse App with an activity tracker and/or committing a couple of minutes each day to completing tasks in the app or online. Points can be earned from January 1 – November 30 each year, so get started today!