Ecolab and Mauser Packaging Solutions…Coming Soon to a Home Depot Near You

Michelle MachenMauser News, Industrial Solutions

Ecolab recently partnered with Mauser Packaging Solutions to promote their new cleaning product line in Home Depot stores across North America. The Mauser Packaging Solutions team was tasked with producing a specialty, decorated fiber drum with a false bottom to hold Ecolab spray bottles and products. These eye-catching fiber drums will be used as floor displays in stores beginning in June.

After a year of planning, the first full scale production of drums was completed on Saturday, April 22 at the NAIP Fiber facility in Charlotte, NC. Ecolab representatives were onsite to observe the successful run of the first of four truckloads. By the end of May, over 8,800 of these promotional fiber drums were shipped to Ecolab for distribution to every Home Depot store in North America in June.


“This has been one of the most complicated ‘concepts to market’ projects I have ever been involved in. This team has done an outstanding job of keeping up with all of the changes, redirections, and adjustments during the past 6-8 months. Thank you to the team for their diligence and follow up in this challenging project,” commented Drew Myers, NAIP Metals & Fiber, Regional Vice President of Manufacturing.

To accommodate production at the Charlotte facility, other facilities across the Mauser organization absorbed other customer production. “Completion of this project would not have been possible without many hours of overtime worked by our employees and the support of other facilities in our network ensuring continued service for our other customers,” commented TS Helms, Charlotte Fiber Plant Manager.

This project provides a visual representation of the strength of our diverse product portfolio as a product from our Industrial Packaging business unit is being used for marketing in a consumer (small) packaging market.

“Ecolab and Home Depot are both important customers to Mauser Packaging Solutions which made this project especially gratifying to work on for our teams. The Charlotte Fiber plant really went the extra mile to get the drums to Ecolab and ensure the project was a success,” commented Chuck Galmarini, NAIP Vice President of Key Accounts.

The next time you’re in a Home Depot store, be sure to look for the blue Ecolab drums!

Mauser employees Gilberto Castano, Alberto Hernandez and Yesid Pachon shrink wrapping drums for shipping.
Ecolab associates with TS Helms, Charlotte Fiber Plant Manager (center right) and Steve Hervey, Charlotte Fiber Quality Manager (right)
Ecolab associates with Drew Myer, Fiber Division Regional Vice President (center)
Ecolab associates with Jose Contrereas, Charlotte Fiber Production Manager (right)