Mental Health Awareness Month – Resources to help you cope with life’s challenges

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Since 1949, May has been recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month (in the United States). While mental health issues are not isolated to a single month, this recognition provides an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of mental health needs.

When personal and workplace challenges outpace one’s ability to cope, it can lead to a negative impact. Having adequate support can help manage stress and find solutions to problems but most people don’t know where to turn for this support.


Having a comprehensive and easy-to-access Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available is one of the ways Mauser Packaging Solutions provides employees in the U.S. and Canada1 with the tools and resources they need to manage heightened levels of stress, anxiety and other behaviors that can have long-term negative effects on their health and life. Resources and assistance are available to Mauser Packing Solutions employees and members of their household through our benefit programs.2

EAPs are intended to help employees manage common daily stressors that can cause increased levels of anxiety or depressive feelings that everyone experiences at one time or another. While 93% of employers offer an EAP, only about half of employees are aware that they, and their family members, have access to one.

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E(F)AP resources and assistance are available to U.S. and Canadian Mauser Packaging Solutions employees and members of their household through our benefit programs.*

In the U.S.: THE HARTFORD: GuidanceResources® - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

In addition to online information and resources, this service includes up to five face-to-face counseling sessions per occurrence. This means you and your household members won’t have to share visits. You can each get counseling help for your unique needs. Counseling for legal, financial, medical and benefits-related concerns is also available by phone.

Call 24/7/365: 1-800-327-1850 or visit
(Web ID: HLF902 and Company: MAUSE)

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Canada: Manulife – Homewood Health/Santé: Resilience® Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

EFAP provides support for you and your family when you need it, in a way that works best for you. Support services available include counselling, online services, lifestyle and specialty coaching, depression care and trauma care.

Call 24/7/365: 1-866-644-0326 or visit

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*Resources and assistance available regardless of enrollment in healthcare benefits.

Note: Similar programs may be offered in other countries through Company provided offerings or government healthcare systems. Check with your local Human Resources representative for available resources.

Privacy is a cornerstone of EAP services. All services offered through our EAP program are completely confidential and designed to help you and your household members gain the support in format that is comfortable and easy to access. Employees are encouraged to review the service offered through EAP so that when a situation arises you are aware of the support available to you and your family.

While many employees may be unaware of the availability of an EAP, this is not the only reason these programs are underutilized. There is still a great deal of stigma associated with admitting to having emotional struggles and fear that it will be viewed as having a mental illness.

At Mauser Packaging Solutions, our most valuable assets are our people and your safety. That includes your safety and wellbeing at work and in your personal life. Access to the Company’s EAP programs, programs offered by your government healthcare systems as well as additional local and community resources are just some of the ways we’re here to support you manage through rough patches you and your household may experience.

Putting your wellbeing first helps us create a culture of mutual respect and dedication. We encourage you to reach out and use the resources available to obtain assistance as needed.

1In Canada, this program is titled Employee and Family Assistance Program (EAFP). For the purpose of this article “EAP” refers to both the U.S. and Canadian programs unless specifically addressing the Canadian program.

2Employees and members of an employee’s household are eligible for EAP and EAFP resources regardless of enrollment in healthcare benefits or dependent status.