Earth Day 2023: Our Commitment to Advancing a Sustainable Circular Economy

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Celebrated every year on April 22, Earth Day is observed by millions of people and organizations around the world. Mauser Packaging Solutions was created with the principle of sustainability at its core making the 2023 Earth Day theme, “Invest in Our PlanetTM”, something that is built into the foundation of who we are.

At Mauser Packaging Solutions, we are committed to advancing a sustainable circular economy and delivering high quality sustainable rigid packaging products and solutions to our customers around the world. A sustainable, circular economy is one where finite resources are not depleted and discarded in a linear single-user fashion, but rather in a circular practice where the use of virgin materials is minimized and products and materials can be reused many times.

Execution of our commitment to advancing a sustainable circular economy is built on two pillars – providing sustainable products and solutions and the ability to collect used packaging and recondition it for further use.

We advance a sustainable, circular economy by

  • designing products with reusability and recyclability in mind from the start
  • offering solutions for extending the packaging life cycle
  • recycling empty plastic packaging no longer suitable for reuse into high-quality resin
  • operating a collection and return logistics infrastructure designed with the goal of reducing transportation and its negative impacts
Providing sustainable products and solutions

Sustainability begins with the design process for products and extends to offering solutions for extending the product life-cycle. We consider products to be resource-efficient if they minimize the amount of material used while maintaining quality and safety. Reusing containers and components, and incorporating recycled materials, including recycled steel and plastic, into our products increases resource efficiency and reduces the environmental impact of packaging.

A few examples of ways Mauser has recently expanded our portfolio for sustainable products and solutions include:

  • Lobbying for and receiving UN Certification for our Infinity Series IBC which has a innovative multi-layer bottle that has a carbon footprint more than 20% lower than a bottle of the equivalent weight made from virgin material only.
  • Developing DrumGuard® for steel and plastic drums as a reusable and easy to install alternative to conventional load securing methods
  • Designing a more space-efficient IBC pallet to maximize volume and load efficiency on shipping containers
  • Launching the SHARPSGUARD® eco pharmi line of pharmaceutical waste containers made from recycled plastic, reducing consumption of virgin plastic material by 280 tonnes annually
  • Expanding screw-top plastic pail portfolio with the introduction of a resealable, quarter turn screw-top pail that uses less resin, allows for greater shipping efficiency and is recycle-ready post-use.
Ability to collect used packaging and recondition it for further use

Our vision for a sustainable, circular economy builds on the ability to collect used packaging and recondition it for further use, and when it cannot feasibly be reused, to salvage recyclable material and incorporate it into new products. With more than 60 reconditioning and recycling facilities around the world, our Recover Syst-M offers the largest global collection and return network.

Once a plastic container has reached the end of its usable life, we sort, wash, and re-pelletize the plastic at one of our recycling facilities to create a high-quality PCR that we brand Recolene®. Recolene® is used to manufacture our own packaging, such as the Infinity Series as well as sold to third parties so that they can use it in their process. In some of our locations, we collect used wooden pallets and carry out simple repairs as necessary so they can be reused.

To further minimize fuel use and emissions, we operate a collection and return logistics infrastructure designed with the goal of reducing transportation and its negative impacts.

At Mauser Packaging Solutions, we take action every day to deliver circular solutions to our customers, reduce our impact on the environment and drive sustainable operations. As part of our Billion Dollar Plan, we will continue to invest heavily in aspects of our business that advance our capacity to contribute to a sustainable circular economy. Our unique ability to close the packaging life cycle loop is the basis through which we are Redefining Sustainability and Investing in our PlanetTM not just on Earth Day but every day.

View the 2021 Mauser Packaging Solutions Sustainability Report for more information on our commitment to sustainability.

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