BenefitHub: Make the most of your hard-earned money

Michelle MachenMauser News

BenefitHub is Mauser Packaging Solutions’ online discount marketplace where and Canadian employees can find discounts on thousands of products and services and can enjoy exclusive access to great discounts in a variety of categories. By taking advantage of the discounts and deals available on the marketplace, employees can realize thousands of dollars in savings on items they plan to purchase. The average employee can save up to $5,328 a year.2 Take advantage of these great savings by searching BenefitHub when you are looking to purchase a gadget, book a vacation, find deals to the movies, theme parks, concerts, or find lowest cost home and auto insurance, and much more! There is no limit to the number of deals you can access. However, there are some deals that you can redeem only for a limited period or limited number of times.

The BenefitHub discount marketplace is an important part of our wholistic employee benefits package. The discount market place has been available to U.S. employees for many years and was expanded to include employees in Canada on March 20.

Offers available through BenefitHub may be redeemed in four different ways:

  • Coupon Codes: Certain offers require you to enter a discount or coupon code when you check out on the merchant website. That code is listed in the offer details when you click on the offer.
  • Cash Back: Some offers give Cash Back as the discount. Your Cash Back is automatically added to your account 30-45 days after your purchase and can be redeemed through your PayPal account on a quarterly basis ($5 minimum balance is required for transfer).
  • Automatically Applied/Get Deal: In some cases, the discount will have no coupon code. The discount will be automatically applied by clicking on “Get Deal.” No discount code will be listed.
  • Special Instructions: Other offers will have special instructions listed in the offer description. Once Get Deal is selected, a flyer will appear to display instructions and/or offer code.

Get started with the BenefitHub Discount Marketplace today to enjoy discounts, rewards, and benefits on brands you love!

Use the instructions below to sign up for Mauser’s BenefitHub Discount Marketplace.

U.S. Instructions:

  • Visit or download the BenefitHub App from the Apple Store or Google Play
  • Enter referral code UBMA3L
  • Create an account to complete your registration.

Canada Instructions:

  • Visit or download the BenefitHub App from the Apple Store or Google Play
  • Enter referral code: 9DGDZY and your email address
  • Hit "Create Account" to start saving today!

1BenefitHub is currently only available to U.S. and Canada employees.

2Based on normal household annual expenditures of $26,680 on health, finance, and consumer products.