International Investments to Optimize Our Footprint and Meet Customer Needs

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In spite of challenging market conditions, Mauser Packaging Solutions remains committed to refining product lines, expanding to new markets and optimizing our footprint to meet anticipated customer needs. The Mauser International Packaging (MIPS) business unit has started the year with two significant expansions in support of this commitment.

State-of-the-Art Industrial Packaging facility increases production capacities in China

Mauser Packaging Solutions is expanding its production network in China with the opening of a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility near Shanghai, China in the Economic Development Zone of Haiyan. The new site will address current and future market needs as the demand for industrial packaging rapidly increases across the region.

The modern facility expands production capabilities of 230L and 250L plastic drums used in a variety of industries including the chemical, oil, paint, food and beverage, and petrochemical markets. It also further supports the use of post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) in the company’s Infinity Series’ plastic drum product portfolio. The new facility features a multi-layer plastic drum machine to meet growing demand for products that contain recycled resin. Use of recycled resin gives plastic materials new life, reduces industrial waste, conserves raw materials, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

“Mauser Packaging Solutions is proud to expand our presence in the Asia Pacific region. Our innovative and regional approach, coupled with our commitment to sustainability, is what makes us a leader in sustainable packaging solutions today and provides opportunities for us to be even stronger in the future."
- Michael Steubing, President & CEO Mauser International Packaging Solutions.

Located 210 km away from the company’s existing plant in Jiangyin, China the new facility is also in close proximity to the Jinshan Chemical Zone of Shanghai and the city of Ningbo, in which many large industrial chemical companies have branches. The production site meets requirements for the food industry and is working toward ISO 9001 and 14000 certifications.

“With the opening of a second production facility in China we are excited to take a meaningful step forward in expanding our product offerings and increasing capacity to support the Chinese market and multinational customers now and in the future," Ali Ozbudak, Vice President, Head of Asia Pacific.

New China Facility Open House
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Investments in South Africa expand product offerings to support growing demand for plastic drums in the region

A recent investment in state-of-the-art equipment for the manufacture of plastic drums in South Africa expands Mauser’s product offerings and further supports the collection and supply of reconditioned packaging in the region.

The new line, located in Durban, South Africa, produces UN-certified, tight-head plastic drums in 210L, 232L, and 250L sizes. Ideal for use in the chemical, food, oil, and lubricant industries, plastic drums are available in mono-layer or multi-layer configurations. The investment also enables Mauser to expand its availability of Infinity Series drums which contain high-quality recycled material called Recolene®. Recolene® is manufactured in-house from suitable raw materials, such as empty industrial packaging that has been collected through the company‘s Recover Syst-M, and reached the end of its usable life. Infinity Series products help reduce waste, conserve raw materials, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Mauser Packaging Solutions is proud to expand our product offering in South Africa. Our priority continues to be delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers. We value our partners in the region and look forward to better serving them with an expanded product portfolio,” said Peter Lucht, General Manager.

Mauser has a Level 4 Contributor B-BBEE Status as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. The company was also the first reconditioner in South Africa to achieve ISO 45001 compliance, the occupational health and safety management standard.

Mauser produces industrial packaging in three manufacturing and reconditioning facilities in South Africa. In addition to manufacturing of plastic drums, the company also manufactures Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and provides reconditioning services for plastic drums and IBCs. Through the company’s global Recover Syst-M customers can easily schedule a pickup of empty packaging from their facility or their customers, diverting waste from landfills and preserving natural resources.

South Africa Facility Open House
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