Mauser Packaging Solutions Expands Product Portfolios with New IBC and Screw Top Pail Options

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New All-Plastic, Stackable IBC Provides Maximum Durability, Time and Time Again

On January 24, Mauser introduced a new line of all-plastic, stackable IBCs. Available in 275 and 330-gallon sizes, the new line of IBCs provides users with a highly durable and reusable packaging solution that’s ideal for the industrial chemical, agriculture chemical, acid, water treatment, and petrochemical markets.

Designed for hazardous material transport and dispensing, the UN-rated all-plastic IBC is rotationally molded using UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene. It’s nominal ½” thick walls provide unparalleled durability and long-term reuse opportunities. Through participation in Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Recover Syst-M program, all-plastic IBC can be collected, reconditioned, re-certified, and re-used.

Along with providing performance benefits, the all-plastic IBC offers customers several user-friendly features. Volume indicators molded in the sidewall provide users with a quick way to monitor product levels, while the sloped tank bottom helps drain as much product from the IBC as possible, minimizing product retention and maximizing cost savings.  An enlarged “doghouse” provides easy and unobstructed access to the bottom discharge valve, supporting quick draining, while two ports on top of the IBC accommodate a variety of accessories including draw tubes and pressure relief devices.

Users can customize the all-plastic IBC with their logo for maximum impact and choose from a variety of pallet colors for easy product or asset identification. Additionally, the all-plastic IBC provides four-way forklift access to support efficient material handling and stacks with other brands of all-plastic IBCs.

To learn more, download the product flyer here.

All-Plastic Stackable IBC Key Benefits

The all-plastic, stackable IBC has been tested and approved for use with Packing Groups II and III hazardous and non-hazardous liquids.  Additionally, molded-in corner posts provide more secure stacking.

Industrial environments can be demanding and harsh. The all-plastic IBC is rotationally molded using UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene. It’s engineered with nominal 1/2” thick walls, providing unparalleled durability and long-term re-use.

Convenience is key. Volume indicators molded in the sidewall of the IBC provide users with a quick way to monitor product levels while a large doghouse provides easy access to the bottom drain valve. A sloped tank bottom maximizes draining efficiency, minimizing product retention.

The all-plastic IBC can be customized with your company logo and product information for maximum brand impact. A variety of pallet colors are also available.

Post-use, the all plastic IBC can be collected, reconditioned, re-certified, and reused through participation in our Recover Syst-M program.

Screw-Top Pail Line Expanded with Easy Open and Close Solution

On January 31, Mauser Packaging Solutions announced expansion of its screw-top plastic pail portfolio, with the introduction of a resealable, quarter-turn, screw-top pail series. This is a product line the company pioneered in the early 2000s and is ideal for use in the pool chemical, water treatment, food, spill kit, and emergency supply industries.

The new quarter-turn screw-top pail line was designed with the end user in mind. It provides customers with an intuitive, easy open and close screw-on lid solution, while child-resistant features help prevent accidental access. Available in 3.5G, 5.25G, and 6.5G sizes, the new line is UN-Certified for Solids Groups II and III, Child-Resistant Senior-Friendly (CRSF), and meets FDA regulations for food contact.

The product line’s screw-on cover was designed for use with automated closing systems and is available with a tamper-evident feature to protect branded products against unwanted tampering. Molded-in hand grips allow for easy handling, while a large billboard area on the pail allows brands to highlight marketing messaging, instructions, and restrictions.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, the quarter-turn screw top pail package uses less resin, allows for greater shipping efficiency and is recycle-ready post-use.

To learn more, download the product flyer here.

Screw Top Pail Special Features

Manufactured from high-density polyethylene that meets most food, drug and regulatory requirements

UN-rated for solids and certified as child resistant and senior friendly

Large billboard area for HTL decoration

Superior stacking capability and tapered for nesting

In-molded grips available for drums and in-molded plastic handles available for pails

Lightweight covers are resealable and easy to open and close

Optional tamper-evident security tab available on covers

Recycle ready-post use

Mauser Packaging Solutions is committed to expanding our product offering and delivering innovative solutions to meet current and future market demands.