Safety 2023: Renewing Our Commitment To Safety

Michelle MachenMauser News, Safety

At Mauser Packaging Solutions, it is our ethical responsibility to ensure that each employee goes home safe, every day. As a company, we are committed to providing the infrastructure, training and resources to ensure employees are provided with a safe work environment and the knowledge required to perform job tasks without harm. But each and every one of us shares the responsibility of making sure everyone goes home to their family’s safe daily. We can achieve this by following the safety procedures that are in place and taking personal ownership for ensuring safety is an important element in every decision we make.

Overall, 2022 was a positive year for Mauser Packaging Solutions in regard to safety. All three business units trended in a positive direction in both TRIR and Key Leading Indications. However, serious incidents late in the year remind us of the importance of never dropping our guard. Safety is not a one-time goal to be achieved or benchmark to meet but an ongoing commitment that must be renewed every day with every action.

In 2023, our Safety emphasis will continue to center around Key Leading Indicators which are behaviors that prevent incidents from occurring in the future. By focusing on leading indicators, we can prevent incidents before they happen instead of just responding after the fact. Additionally, Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) will continue to be a key metric in comparing incident rates to previous performance and industry benchmarks. Each business unit has goals and targets for Leading Indicator activity and TRIR that will be communicated within the business unit.

In North America, the “12 Step Safety Building Block Audit” program will continue to create a uniform approach to how plants manage safety while the “Life Saving Rules” will continue to be the foundational principles for our safety behavior. The International business unit will continue implementation of the “Fullmark Safety Program” to boost training, understanding and emphasis on safety programs.

Safety programs, training and resources can only be successful with the support and commitment of everyone in our organization. No matter what your role or title, everyone has a responsibility to look out for their individual safety and the safety of others. With a vigilant dedication to situational awareness, we can identify risks and implement changes before safety incidents occur.

The beginning of a new year marks a time when many of us make new resolutions and commitments for the coming year. As we embark on a new year for our company, it is a good time for us to remember and renew our commitment to safety in the workplace. The safety of employees is our greatest interest - above production, quality, costs, and service. No project, no matter how critical, is worth a lost finger, a blinded eye, or tragic loss of life.