Updated Global Corporate Sustainability Report Available

Michelle MachenMauser News

Mauser Packaging Solutions is pleased to present our second sustainability report. We have continued to build upon our four Cornerstones of Sustainability – Commitment, Innovation, Excellence and Passion – to advance our sustainability and core business strategy.

The report details our performance and achievements during the 2020 and 2021 timeframe including calculating our global carbon footprint for the first time, strengthening our sustainability management and governance practices with two new appointments, winning a prestigious WorldStar Packaging Award for our Infinity Series IBC, introducing new employee training programs, and launching the Billion Dollar Plan and EIP/SIP programs, to name a few examples.


The sustainability report is publicly available on the Mauser Packaging Solutions’ website and can be shared with external stakeholders, such as customers and investors.  It is not only a reflection of our commitment to corporate social responsibility and transparency, but also an illustration of our progress and efforts to further improve the economic, social, and environmental aspects of our business.

As with all areas of our business, we strive for continuous improvement and growth. We will continue to work on further defining our sustainability strategy, establishing improvement targets, and collaborating with our customers, suppliers, and the industry to deliver high-quality, sustainable rigid packaging solutions.

Click here to download and view the report. It can also be accessed on the True Sustainability page of the Mauser Packaging Solutions’ external website.