Sustainable and Convenient Pay Statement Solution for Mauser Employees Through

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ADP Mobile Solutions and provides employees with swift and convenient access to online pay information, including a running 18 months of pay statements and three years of W2’s. This solution has been utilized by the North America Industrial Packaging (NAIP) group for several years and was extended to the North America Small Packaging (NASP) group in August 2022.

“Continuous improvement is part of our team culture. We listen to employee feedback and collaborate across the company to improve the employee experience. In this case, we identified a solution from one part of our organization and expanded it.,” added Carla Booker.

Transitioning to electronic pay statements and W2’s provides significant benefits to both employees and the company. Primary benefits of include:

Ease of access to pay information for employees
Through ADP Mobile Solutions and, employees have access to pay information anywhere they have internet access. Pay statements and W2’s can be easily accessed for personal reference or income verification when making purchases, such as buying a car, as long as the employee can access their account.

Eliminate the risk of lost or misplaced statements
Because information is stored in the employees account, there is no risk of misplacing or losing a pay statement or W2. Lost or forgotten account credentials can easily be recovered using the log in options for the system ensuring employees always have access to their information.

Contributes towards our sustainability goals
Electronic pay statements support environmental sustainability by reducing paper use and facilitate a more sustainable process for distributing important information to employees. At Mauser, we are committed to ensuring our operational process are as sustainable as the packaging we produce.

Cost savings on paper, postage and time
By not spending money and time on the printing, mailing and distributing of physical pay statements and W2’s, investments can be made into other value-added activities to improve our operations and the employee experience.

Creating consistency in processes between business units
Mauser’s diversity in product and services offerings is one our company’s greatest strengths but diversity in processes between business units and facilities creates inefficiencies and redundancies. By transitioning all of North America to one system for accessing pay information, we enhance our ability to provide support to employees and ensure all employees have the same ease of access to their information.

Despite a few isolated issues, overall enrollment of NASP employees has been positive. “Overall, the transition has been very smooth. I had a few employees that needed copies of old paystubs or old W2’s and were pleased they were able to get it right from the app. We did have several employees struggle to set up their accounts but whether it was a technical issue or an individual learning curve those issues have mostly been resolved.  I think this is working well,” commented Brent Halpin, Human Resources Manager in York, Pennsylvania.

After allowing three months for employees to register with, Mauser discontinued paper pay statements and W2’s for U.S. employees in October. Employees who have not created their account should follow the enrollment instructions to set up their account as soon as possible. Click here to access the enrollment instructions.

Employees who are having complications creating or accessing their ADP account should contact their human resources representative.

Implementation of electronic pay statements and W2’s demonstrates Mauser’s commitment to improving the employee experience and increasing the sustainability our operational processes. “We will continue to listen to employee feedback and act upon it. Leveraging best practices across the group is a great aspect of working at Mauser,” commented Carla Booker, Director of Payroll Operations.