Branding Update: Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Empty Packaging Collection Program Now Known as “Recover Syst-M”

Michelle MachenMauser News, Industrial Solutions, International Packaging

Every year, Mauser Packaging Solutions collects tens of millions of used, empty IBCs and plastic and steel drums from companies around the world. Over the past several months, the sales and marketing teams have been working to identify one brand name for our global return program that reflects its essence, highlights its key benefits, and improves brand recognition.

We are pleased to introduce “Recover Syst-M!” The new brand name will be introduced externally the week of September 19.

Key Facts:
  • Recover Syst-M is the official brand name of the Mauser Packaging Solutions global return program.
  • All other legacy program names for the Mauser Packaging Solutions return program should no longer be used. Names of existing customer return programs should continue to be used (i.e. Evonik return program).
  • When using Recover Syst-M as text within copy, capitalize the first letter of each word as well as the letter “M.” No extra emphasis should be placed on any letters.
It all Starts with Collection:

The availability of reconditioned packaging for our customers is dependent on the return of used, empty IBCs and drums. Diverting packaging from the waste stream is the first step in responsibly extending the life cycle of packaging. With more than 65 reconditioning and recycling facilities around the world, Mauser Packaging Solutions offers the largest global collection and return network.