National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

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Nearly every aspect of daily life is made possible because a truck driver delivered the goods and resources people need. At Mauer Packaging Solutions, our drivers are vital to our ability to deliver products to customers, move raw materials and components within our network, and facilitate the return of used containers for reconditioning or recycling.
National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time to pay respect and thank all the professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in undertaking one of our economy's most demanding and important jobs. In honor of this week, we acknowledge the essential role our truck drivers play in fulfilling our commitment to providing full life cycle packaging solutions to our customers and thank these individuals for their daily contributions to our company’s success.

Operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle brings many challenges as well as the opportunity to have a positive impact within the industry and on the general public. To commemorate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we would like to highlight a few of our drivers who are doing an exceptional job:

  • On July 28, driver Rich Fogel was traveling route I-295 in New Jersey when he heard a loud bang and suddenly felt his trailer dragging before it began to jack left and right. Fogel was able to regain control when he spotted a car wedged under the trailer near the rear axle. After immediately coming to a complete stop, Fogel exited the tractor and went to assist the driver of the car which was catching on fire until police officers arrived. Fogel and the officers were able to remove the driver from the car. Fogel then disconnected the trailer which was also catching fire from the tractor and moved the tractor to safety. “Due to no fault of his own, Fogel found himself in a very dangerous situation and reacted with bravery and selflessness. His quick and courageous actions helped to save a life.,” commented Andrew Eckhard, Corporate Fleet Director.
  • On March 16, driver Larry Davis avoided a collision when another vehicle spun out on the Schuylkill Expressway right before I-676 in Philadelphia. According to the other driver, Davis’ truck was able to come to an abrupt stop avoiding a collision with the car that had spun out in front of him. When stopped, Davis exited his truck to assist the car’s passengers and was then able to stop another truck creating a safe barrier until first responders arrived. “Larry was very professional, helped calm us down and made us feel safe in a very scary situation. I do not believe would be alive if it weren’t for his actions,” commented the car’s driver. Davis credits his ability to stop without hitting the other car with the effort and emphasis MPS puts into training. By always looking 4-5 car lengths ahead in traffic, he had the time to react to the incident ahead of him. “It is pleasing to see how Larry helped this couple and was an excellent ambassador for Mauser Packaging Solutions,” commented Hilton Gericke, Vice President of IBC Reconditioning – East.
  • John Gee who operates in our ICS St. Louis, Missouri location has provided dedicated service for the past 18 years while staying with the company through multiple ownership and management changes. When recently faced with a Roadside Inspection by State Law Enforcement, John received a Clean Inspection from the DOT Officer which is a credit to his efforts in conducting complete and thorough pre-trip inspections. “Gee has exceptional knowledge of our business operations and works diligently throughout the course of the day. We appreciate his commitment to ensuring his equipment remains in optimal condition and his positive attitude towards the business and his work,” commented Matthew Osting, Regional Safety Manager.
  • From the Roseville, California facility, Francisco Blancas and Gustavo Gonzalez have each received three Clean Roadside Inspections from DOT Officers while maintaining violation free records with the USDOT and California Highway Patrol. “Both of these drivers practice defensive driving skills while mitigating risks associated with highway crashes. They perform at the highest level of professionalism every day,” commented Daniel Kramer, Regional Safety Manager.
“These drivers represent the dedication of our entire Fleet Transportation Team. All our drivers demonstrate personal commitments to training and take their responsibility to adhere to safe practices seriously.”
Andrew Eckhard, Corporate Fleet Director.
Rich Fogel, Mauser Packaging Solutions Truck Driver
Larry Davis, Mauser Packaging Solutions Truck Driver
John Gee, Mauser Packaging Solutions Truck Driver
Thank you to all our Mauser Packaging Solutions drivers globally!