Intern Insights: Takeaways from our 2022 Summer Interns

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Employee Profiles

Interns play a vital role in what we do here at Mauser Packaging Solutions. As the summer months progress, our interns dive deep into manufacturing bringing their knowledge, personality, and passion to the company. Before our interns leave Mauser Packaging Solutions, we ask them to tell us about their experiences so that we can build on successes and improve upon weaknesses.


My specific project for my summer internships is to set control limits for rim measurements of plastic drums produced on machine 1 at the East Brunswick, New Jersey plant. Each day after I arrive and set up my laptop at my desk, I take my notebook over to the machine I to which I was assigned to take measurements of the drums being produced. Until lunch, I will gather data from about 30-40 drums and go over the data to determine if it is good enough to use for control limits. While measuring, depending on the variation of data I am collecting, I will either ask the PTL to make an adjustment, or continue gathering data. After lunch, I will enter the data and plot it on a graph using Excel and gather more data if necessary. Finally, at the end of the day, I review the data with my supervisor, the SHEQ Manager. Occasionally, if the machine I am creating control limits for is not running, I will focus on the inventory and safety data sheet tasks or will assist quality control in checking the production of all the drums in the plant.

The work atmosphere is fast paced. Everyone I work with is very nice and very motivated to work hard. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many different people in the plant to accomplish different tasks effectively.

I admire the engaging culture at Mauser. With the constant action at the plant, there is always something new going. For the most part, everyone is autonomous having their own tasks to complete, however many times, we must rely on others and collaborate effectively to complete the task at hand and make safe, quality products. I can feel the sense of camaraderie among everyone that works here.

I am really enjoying my internship with Mauser. I had never heard of Mauser before applying but after researching the company and experiencing it firsthand, it is evident that this is a thriving company with room for growth. This is my first internship ever, so I did not have any experience in industrial manufacturing. I can say that so far, I have learned a lot about the quality control process, and all the little things that go into producing a quality drum. I have learned about the specifics of the manufacturing process of plastic drums from resin to a finished drum on a pallet and strengthened my data collection, and analysis skills. I feel this is valuable experience, and knowledge that I will carry with me in my future career.

The coolest part about my internship with Mauser, is the project I am working on to create control limits for machine 1 at the East Brunswick plant. The project itself is helping me learn more about statistical analysis, but the control limits I set will be used in the future for reference in the plant. The thought that my work this summer will be used and referenced in the future is pretty cool. Knowing I am leaving a mark with my work at Mauser this summer is a very rewarding and accomplishing feeling.