Introducing the Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Billion Dollar Plan Video and Infographic

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In November 2021, we announced the “Mauser Packaging Solutions’ Billion Dollar Plan: Building a sustainable future”, our plan to invest approximately $1 billion USD over the next four years to accelerate our vision to deliver innovative solutions to our customers, drive sustainable operations, reduce our impact on the environment, and empower our employees to grow. Since then, we have been making intentional investments into each of the four key area covered by our Billion Dollar Plan – Our Team, Innovation and Added Capacity, Infrastructure and Assets, and Sustainability.

In addition to our execution of the Billion Dollar Plan, we are committed to providing awareness and visibility for the variety of investments we are making in the Company. A video and infographic are currently available to provide a visual representation of our commitment to investment and growth. Both resources along with additional information, resources and investment focused articles can be viewed on Billion Dollar Plan MauserNOW webpage.

Billion Dollar Plan Video
Billion Dollar Plan Infographic

Click the image to view infographic. Printable versions of the infographic are available on the Billion Dollar Plan Print Resources page.

With our Billion Dollar Plan underway, we are on track to making Mauser a better company to work for and work with. Together, we are going to build on the things we’re doing right and fix what isn’t working. We will continue to innovate our processes and products and invest in our team and workplace. We are on our way to doing better, bigger, and bolder things at Mauser to make sure this is a great place to work and a great company to work with.