National Safety Month – Reaffirming Our Commitment to Safety

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Mauser Packaging Solutions is joining the National Safety Council (NSC) this month for National Safety Month - the annual observance to help keep each other safe from the workplace to any place. Every month is Safety Month at Mauser Packaging Solutions, but June provides us the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to safety as one of our core values. As a Company, it is our ethical responsibility to ensure that every employee goes home safe, every day and every contractor and visitor has a safe and positive experience when in our facilities.

Each June the NSC selects four safety topics: one for each week of the month. As a company, we will harmonize our safety focus with these topics to show unity and support for this important effort. The 2022 topics selected by NSC, which you will be hearing more about throughout the month, are:


Safety topics provide guidance but can only be successful with the support and commitment from everyone in our organization. Our core safety principles continue to be the foundation upon which we maintain our unique culture of personal responsibility for our own safety and the safety of others. Every employee, regardless of job role or tenure, shares equal responsibility for knowing and abiding by these principles:

  • nothing is worth getting injured over;
  • all injuries can be prevented;
  • safety will be managed;
  • safe behavior is a condition of employment for all employees.

Our values, and the programs in support of those values, are creating a positive and meaningful impact. As we approach mid-year, all three Mauser Packaging Solutions business units are trending in a positive direction in respect to the Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) and Key Leading Indicators. By looking at both metrics, we are able to compare actual incident rates to previous performance and benchmark the actions and behaviors that prevent incidents from occurring in the future.

The TRIR reduction from 3.00 to 2.34 is significant in very personal terms; it means that by year-end (if this rate holds), we will have prevented 70 employees from suffering injuries serious enough requiring transportation and treatment at a hospital or clinic - and some of these could have been permanently disabling!
TRIR YTD (as of 5.1.22)

There are many important moving parts to a successful safety program. In North America, the “12 Step Safety Building Block Audit” program continues to create a uniform approach to how plants manage safety. All twenty-six North American Small Packaging (NASP) facilities were audited earlier in the year resulting in an average score of 77.4% and a median score of 81.9%, with 357 Corrective Actions/Preventative Actions (CAPAs) submitted. Seventy-five Industrial Packaging Solutions (IPS) locations were audited with an average score of 71% and a median score of 75% with 1403 CAPAs generated. These audits guide continuous improvement as well as provide a baseline to accurately measure progress in the improvement of the safety culture.

The International business unit has expanded implementation of the “Fullmark Safety Program” to boost training, understanding and emphasis on safety programs. Since implementation in 2018, this program has proven its effectiveness through a reduction in lost time incidents and the frequency of all incidents in general.

All this demonstrates that the safety of our employees is our greatest interest - above production, quality, costs and service. As a company we are committed to providing the infrastructure, training and resources to ensure employees are provided with a safe work environment and the knowledge required to perform job tasks without harm. I continue to count on you to actively participate as members on safety committees, perform safety audits, look out for the well-being of your peers and, most of all, to work safely every day.

Joseph Cummons
Senior Vice President - Mauser Operating Systems