Specialized Equipment in Germany Expands Market Opportunities

Michelle MachenBillion Dollar Plan, International Packaging, Mauser News

An investment to expand production of 20-liter lube oil jerrycans in Europe is helping Mauser Packaging Solutions take big step toward our goal of a sustainable future. The installation of a double cavity, multi-layer blow molder in Bammental, Germany, will help meet customer demand for eco-friendly packaging and will give the Company a competitive edge in the growing lubricant market.

Based on analysis of the lubricant market in Europe, the new blow molder will be installed at the Bammental plant in southern Germany. This location is close to Mauser’s customer base and will help reduce freight costs as well as Mauser’s carbon footprint.

Until now, there have been two production locations for 20-liter lube oil jerrycans in Europe –Oosterhout, Netherlands and Hamburg, Germany. With the market for 20-liter lube oil jerrycans growing 5-10% year-over-year, the strategic decision was made to invest in a new jerrycan production site equipped with a new blow molder.

Manufactured by Mauser Packaging Solutions’ machinery division, the blow molder was manufactured in Thailand and can produce a unique three-layer composition which includes a middle layer of PCR (post-consumer resin) -- helping customers meet required European Union (EU) environmental labeling criteria and filling a gap in the Mauser’s product portfolio.

After several COVID-related supply delays, the new blow molding machine was installed at the end of April and is expected to be in full operation by the end of May. In addition to the new machinery in Bammental, Mauser is replacing aging blow molders in Hamburg sites at the end of July.

This investment is an important piece of our Billion Dollar Plan and provides long term benefits for our company, our customers and the environment.