Newnan Facility Donates Pails and Lids for Ukrainian Refugee Donations

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Small Packaging

The Newnan, Ga. Small Packaging facility recently partnered with a local school to support donations for Ukrainian refugees. The Newnan facility donated over 1,300 pails and lids for the packaging and shipping of items collected by students and faculty at LaGrange Academy in LaGrange, Ga.  Led by Dalraida Church of Christ., donations of food and personal hygiene items are being coordinated in 15 states and 2 foreign nations.

This opportunity can to the attention of the Newnan, facility through the spouse of an employee working at the school. When a need for buckets to hold the donations arose, leadership at the facility was asked if this was something Mauser would be able to assist with. In response, the Newnan facility was able to donate pails and lids from the seconds that were already in inventory. Local Trucking company, Vaughan Xpress, Inc., assisted with delivery of the pails to be filled with donations.

Filled pails were shipped to Gdansk, Poland on March 31St to be distributed to refugees in the area. Over 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to Poland since the beginning of the Russian invasion into Ukraine in February. The majority of these refugees are women and children who left the country with limited personal belongings.

Jeffrey Rasmussen, Newnan Plant Manager commented, “We were glad that we could contribute to the donation efforts being made to assist the Ukrainian refugees. When Production Manager, Matt Kelly approached me with this opportunity it seemed like a very natural way for Mauser to be a part of these efforts and help the Ukrainian refugees. Thanks to Matt and his wife for bringing this need to our attention.”

Each bucket is filled with the following “Bucket List” items:
3 hand towels, Silverware (Fork, Dinner Spoon, Knife x 6), 1 box Kitchen matches, 1 Food Storage box (i.e. plastic storage, Gladware, etc.) Paring knives (2), 1 Strainer bowl, 1 Cutting board, 1 bottle Dial antibacterial hand soap (personal size), 1 pair adult scissors, 1 Bottle Dawn Dish soap (24 oz.), Band-Aids & antibiotic ointment, 1 stick men’s deodorant (i.e. Speed Stick, etc.), 1 stick women’s deodorant (i.e. Lady Speed, etc.), 1 tube of toothpaste, 3 packages of two count tooth brushes, 1 box emergency candles, 1 plastic clothes line rope, 1 bottle of shampoo (i.e. White Rain, Suave, etc.), 2 bars bath soap (i.e. Dial, Irish Spring, Zest, etc.), 1 pkg. of 4 heavy duty scouring pads, 1 vegetable cleaning brush, 1 scrubbing brush with hand grip, 1 set of 2 square pot holders, 1 grater, 4 coffee mugs (clean, used, or inexpensive are fine), Use other small items to fill empty space in buckets (such as small spiral note pads, pens, small flashlights, band aids, small packages Kleenex, toy, coloring book, box of crayons, etc.)