Earth Day 2022: Invest in Our Planet

Michelle MachenMauser News

Celebrated every year on April 22, Earth Day is observed by millions of people and organizations around the world. The 2022 Earth Day theme, “Invest in Our PlanetTM”, is something that is built into the foundation of who we are at Mauser Packaging Solutions.

Our product portfolio along with our recycling and reconditioning services are at the core of our inherently sustainable business model. Our unique ability to close the packaging life cycle loop is the basis through which we are Redefining Sustainability and continue to build a circular packaging industry.


We all have a responsibility to help Invest in Our PlanetTM. Some of the ways we do this at Mauser Packaging Solutions include:

  • Closing the Packaging Lifecycle – We extend the life cycle of materials through our reconditioning and recycling services, diverting waste from landfills and reducing our use of natural resources.
  • Investing in Infrastructure and Assets – We are making targeted investments in equipment, technology, and automation that helps us drive efficiency while conserving raw materials and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Driving Change through Industry Partnerships – We take leading roles in many industry groups advocating for the expanded use of post-consumer resin and policies that support the circular economy
  • Supporting Recycling – We collect empty plastic packaging and recycle it to make post-consumer resin for use in our own products and components. We also strive to make our products 100% recyclable post-use.
  • Sourcing Sustainably – We incorporate recycled content in our metal, plastic and fiber products whenever possible, reducing our consumption of virgin raw materials.

Companies who develop strong Environment Social Governance (ESG) standards have better profitability, stronger financials, happier employees, and more resilient stock performance. Smart companies are discovering that it is no longer a choice between going green and growing long-term profits — sustainability is the path to prosperity.1

At Mauser Packaging Solutions, we take action every day to deliver circular solutions to our customers, reduce our impact on the environment and drive sustainable operations. We return packaging to the market and invest in technologies that reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to Invest in our PlanetTM not just on Earth Day but everyday through the investments we make in developing sustainable products and services.

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