Mauser Packaging Solutions Truck Driver Demonstrates the Importance of a Personal Commitment to Safety

Michelle Machen Our Stories, Industrial Solutions

Mauser Packaging Solutions’ truck drivers spend hours over the road connecting our products and services to our customers. While most of these hours go unnoticed, the situational awareness and commitment to safety demonstrated by one driver recently was not only noticed but prevented a potentially devastating incident.

On March 16, MPS truck driver Larry Davis avoided a collision when another vehicle spun out on the Schuylkill Expressway right before I-676 in Philadelphia. According to the other driver, Davis’ truck was able to come to an abrupt stop avoiding a collision with the car that had spun out in front of him. When stopped, Davis exited his truck to assist the car’s passengers and was then able to stop another truck creating a safe barrier until first responders arrived. “Larry was very professional, helped calm us down and made us feel safe in a very scary situation. I do not believe would be alive if it weren’t for his actions,” commented the car’s driver.

Davis credits his ability to stop without hitting the other car with the effort and emphasis MPS puts into training. By always looking 4-5 car lengths ahead in traffic, he had the time to react to the incident ahead of him.

“It is pleasing to see how Larry help out this couple and was an excellent ambassador for Mauser Packaging Solutions,” commented Hilton Gericke, Vice President of IBC Reconditioning – East. Davis’ handling of this situation demonstrates the importance of individual commitment to training and responsibility for adhering to safe practices.