Being Committed to Safety – Message from Mark Burgess

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Dear Mauser Packaging Solutions Colleagues:

Recently, two medical emergencies occurred in our facilities that could have been devastating situations. However, our employees’ quick reactions and understanding of critical emergency situations led to effectively and efficiently handling the incidents.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, an employee collapsed suddenly in the break room. The onsite emergency responders were alerted and responded immediately while 9-1-1 was simultaneously alerted. An initial evaluation was conducted on the employee, CPR started, and AED shocks were applied according to proper training. After the third shock, the employee came to and was responsive to verbal stimuli. EMS, fire, and police arrived on scene and care was transferred to paramedics who transported the employee to the hospital. The employee successfully underwent emergency surgery. Initial reports indicate that the employee is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery.

Cincinnati, Ohio employees who provided first aid to colleague during a cardiac incident - Liz Morris, Dan Bell and Curtis Rosselot

In Reidsville, NC, a third-party truck driver drove on to the truck scale at the facility and was unresponsive to the green light indicating when the truck could proceed further into the dock area. When the driver was unresponsive to the signal, a shipping employee went to speak with the driver to determine the issue. After the employee knocked on the truck door, the employee noticed the driver appeared unresponsive. 9-1-1 was immediately called and facility leadership notified. The driver became more responsive as firemen arrived and they were able to get him to open the door to provide aid. The driver was transported to a nearby hospital where he received additional treatment.

A commitment to training on the part of both facility leadership and individual employees resulted in the quick and successful handling of these incidents. No amount of preventative actions could have prevented either of these incidents, but the lessons learned through training for traditional manufacturing incidents enabled employees to respond appropriately in these situations.

In addition to demonstrating the importance of individual commitment to a safety culture, these incidents also remind us of the necessity of having up-to-date emergency contact information on file. I urge all employees to take the time to ensure the emergency contact information on file at your facility is accurate.

No matter what we say or do to align our company with the understanding that safety is a core, non-negotiable value, our employees must be committed. If we fail to adopt safety as an ongoing commitment, it won’t take long for holes to show up. People who cannot lead or cannot operate safely and who do not buy into a safe manufacturing culture, lead to unsafe operations. However, if everyone gets behind the mission, we are well on our way to establishing a safety culture that will contribute to bottom-line success.

Mark Burgess
President and CEO
Mauser Packaging Solutions