Infrastructure investment in Germany keeps Mauser in forefront of IBC production

Michelle MachenBillion Dollar Plan, International Packaging, Mauser News

As part of our Billion Dollar Plan, Mauser Packaging Solutions is making significant investments in upgrading IBC production at the Bickenbach, Germany, facility. The investment is being done in cooperation with our reconditioning JV partner, Weiss IBC. Investments include a new three-layer blow molder, scheduled to be installed at the end of 2022, and a new cage line, set to be installed in Q1 of 2023. Both machines, the mold and periphery, are state-of-the-art equipment built by our own Machinery division (MMT and K&E). Enhancement to the facility’s infrastructure is expected to create greater efficiencies as well as reduce impact on the environment with both production of the IBC and reconditioning in one place. Likewise, this investment allows us leverage market demand for the Infinity Series IBC made of post-consumer resin.

“In order to stay competitive and remain a front runner in IBC manufacturing in Europe, Mauser Packaging Solutions needs to increase capacity,” says Roy Couwenberg, VP Operations Support, Mauser International.  In addition to facilitating the production of eco-friendly packaging, having production of both IBC production and reconditioning in the same facility helps to increase efficiency and reduce freight costs. Reducing the need to transport product across regions and countries likewise advances the goal of reducing the Company’s carbon footprint.

“The Bickenbach facility will operate as a satellite of the Bammental facility sharing resources and know-how between the two sides of the IBC business and offering the chance to identify opportunities to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and secure a fast ramp-up,” says Couwenberg. Expanding operations at Bickenbach will support the creation of new positions as well as potential for team members to advance to shift and plant supervisory roles.

On the whole, this investment supports all four pillars of our Billion Dollar Plan within a year’s time: improvement of infrastructure, expanded training and job opportunities for the Mauser team, growth through the ability to meet increasing demand for IBC products, and support of sustainability goals through production of IBCs that use PCR as well as reduction of environmental stress with decreased need for transportation between facilities and customers.