Our Commitment to the Code of Conduct

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Dear Mauser Packaging Solutions Colleagues:

Mauser Packaging Solutions has earned a solid reputation by delivering great products and services and by acting according to the highest ethical standards. Our Company is committed to conducting business with integrity and fairness, and all MPS employees are expected to lead and foster a culture of ethical behavior.

Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (“Code”) serves as a daily reminder of the standards that are expected of you. Our Code emphasizes the importance of ethical and honest conduct, adhering to MPS’s policies and procedures, avoiding any form of bribery or corruption, safe-guarding confidential information, avoiding conflicts of interest, protecting company assets, and treating others with respect.

As an employee of Mauser Packaging Solutions, please refer to the Code, its supporting policies and the other resources listed in them, to assist you in making informed business decisions. The Code is available via https://www.mauserpackaging.com/en/Legal, and a 2022 on-line training course will be announced in the second half of the year.

While the Code does not provide specific instructions for every situation you may encounter, it establishes guidelines that you can refer to in situations where the proper course of conduct may not seem clear. When in doubt, remember:

  • DON’T LIE,

We know our business environment can be challenging and questions will inevitably arise. When you are confronted with an ethical dilemma, it is your responsibility to act. If you see something, say something!

We expect employees to raise concerns about ethical issues and report any conduct believed to be a violation of the Code, an MPS policy, or the law. Reported complaints will be investigated appropriately and promptly. MPS does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who makes a good-faith report.

The best starting point for resolving concerns or reporting potential ethics violations is usually your supervisor or local HR. Reports can also be made through the legal and compliance team (see contacts below) or the confidential MPS Ethics HelpLine by visiting mauserpackagingethicsline.com. The Ethics Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet or telephone. We have designed marketing materials that will soon be posted throughout all MPS locations.

To request guidance about the Code or make an ethics report, you can also contact:

Patty Chidiac
EVP Legal and Corporate Affairs & General Counsel
Office: + 630-203-8052
Email: patty.chidiac@mauserpackaging.com

Dr. Martin Seiling
General Counsel - International Packaging
Office + 49 2232 781025
Email: martin.seiling@mauserpackaging.com

Our reputation – one of Mauser Packaging Solutions’ greatest assets – depends on the actions of our employees, every day. For this reason, our efforts to achieve competitive excellence must begin and end with a firm commitment to ethical conduct.

Mark Burgess
President and CEO
Mauser Packaging Solutions

Patty Chidiac
EVP Legal and Corporate Affairs & General Counsel