Improving Sustainability Through EIP Projects

Michelle MachenOur Stories, Industrial Solutions

Sustainability encompasses more than just the solutions Mauser Packaging Solutions offers to customers. It is also about operating our facilities in a way that reduces negative environmental impact. In addition to having a positive impact on Mauser Packaging Solutions’ financial performance and working conditions for employees, EIP and SIP projects can have a positive impact on the environment and our sustainability as a company.

In Rancho Cucamonga, California, warehouse lighting has been changed to motion sensor operated LED lights to minimize the time lights are on and reduce energy consumption during use. The LED lights use approximately 30% less wattage compared to the previously used T5 lights. By installing a motion sensor, the lights will only come on when motion is detected in the warehouse. This will reduce the time lights are in use during work hours from 95% to 25% which provides a significant reduction in energy consumption. LED lights also provide a maintenance benefit since they have to be replace less often saving time and expense for maintenance staff. Additionally, the LEDs provide a brighter lighting creating a safer work environment for employees. The facility plans to replicate this technology in other areas of the facility in 2022.

In South Plainfield, New Jersey, the reconditioning facility is reducing trash hauling and disposal expenses by identifying recyclable materials that can be sold to local recycling brokers. The facility is currently identifying suitable outlets for recyclable materials and is soliciting input from departments and janitorial staff on sustainable ways to collect and sort waste. By selling recyclable materials, the facility will make a positive environmental impact in addition to receiving a financial benefit.

While financial improvement is the primary goal of EIP and SIP projects, these initiatives have the potential to make a positive impact beyond the walls of our facilities. Our commitment to the environment is undeniably essential for our future and goes beyond creating sustainable packaging and includes operating our facilities in an environmentally friendly way.